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Mar 3, 2013 11:30 AM

Red Wine and Sushi?

There is a new article by Robert Parker where he drinks three bottles of CDP with sushi at Naka in NYC...raving about the combo.

I'm very suspect of this opinion...mainly because I really don't share RMP's palate when it comes to food, or wine for that matter (though I do think he's the best critic - his description are spot on...the same can't be said for his ratings).

Any case, I've only enjoyed sake/beer with sushi. White wine and Champagne is OK, if you don't drink the other two.

What are others thoughts on this?

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  1. IMHO rules about what color of wine goes with what protein are meant to be broken. For starters it depends on what type of red wine and what type of fish. I think salmon can handle red wine better than white fish. Also, I think that raw fish holds up better against red wine than cooked fish - something to do with texture and mouth feel. JMHO

    1. I bring all colors, itamae tells me which color to open according to what's coming next.

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        that's the sense i get...some fish and dishes work ok or well with reds...parker drank three young cdp's...can't for the life of me understand how they could taste good with anything but a steak or hearty stew.

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          Agreed. My sushi dinners tend not to be a binary "red or white" situation, and are frequently a multi-bottle meal. I would probably stay away from big and bold reds, but have had my fish with well-selected reds many times. And yes, it is appropriate to share with the itamae.

        2. I stick w/ Viognier or Riesling or pilsner beer. I could only imagine a very oily fish standing up to a red wine. Maybe tempura?

          1. I've never tried this combination and it doesn't on the surface seem that palatable but I'll keep an open mind until trying it. Should also preface that I'm not a major fan of japanese cuisine in general and sushi in particular.

            As others have suggested, it's very likely that the species of fish is a factor...

            Also if some of the seafood was raw ... the rawness, and perhaps especially the FATTINESS of some raw fish I think could be important factors.

            Is there any more specificity than just "sushi" in the article?

            1. Parker has said for many years that CdP counterbalances soy sauce, and that's the reason for his pairing it with sushi.

              I'm not agreeing or disagreeing, just reporting.