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Mar 3, 2013 11:15 AM

New Waltham Magoun's

Does anyone have any current info when Magoun's will open its second locale in Waltham. This will be so much closer for me that I'm quaking in my drawers waiting for it to open.

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  1. Sorry, no, but I'm psyched too.

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    1. re: bear

      Here's the website for, hopefully, future updates.

    2. I believe the Globe reported mid March. So I take that to mean sometime in May. ;-)

      Can't wait to have a place that has good craftbeer within walking distance.

      1. The Brand New Watch blog at is reporting that Copper House Tavern is set to open on Monday, May 13. (Not Cooper House as I originally posted!)

        It will have 40 taps and a menu that includes individual pizzas and flat-top burgers as well as a few pastas and entrees. Prices look reasonable and the few online pictures show a large attractive bar area. It seats 250 or so, so hopefully waits won't be an issue.

        I doubt I'll make it there for a few weeks, but would love to hear any reports!

        1. Pretty huge addition to an otherwise benighted corner of Waltham.