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Mar 3, 2013 11:06 AM

Best Food Neighborhood in Istanbul

Going to Soviet Georgia, Armenia, and Turkey this summer. Will be staying a month or so in Istanbul and renting an apartment. What is/are the best neighborhood(s) to stay in for food ?
Hopefully Radiopolitic will chime in as well as others.

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  1. We have traveled to Istanbul several times and I've never had the impression that there are key areas that stand out from a food perspective. The restaurants and markets - both well known and hidden secrets, are scattered all over the city and on both sides of the Bosphorus.

    If I must pick one area to stay in it would be Beyoglu, which does have a higher concentration of better caliber restaurants and shops. But be prepared to travel as well. The hunt for hidden restaurants will take you into various parts of the city off the tourist beat and you will see an Istanbul most visitors don't.

    I found the Istanbul Eats blog very useful while planning trips. It's also useful to research Turkish food to have a good idea of what you'd like to try. Do try keymak while you're there - it's nothing fancier than thick slices of Italian style white bread served with a slab of marscapone style cheese and pools of honey. So simple and so good and despite that everyone knows it it's only served in a handful of very old fashioned eateries.