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Mar 3, 2013 09:29 AM

Airport to Round Rock dinner on a Sunday

Will be driving from Austin airport to Round Rock next Sunday at dinnertime. Don't know the area at all and want to stay away from downtown SXSW which I know will be crowded. From AZ so not interested in Mexican at all. Would love to try BBQ because we will only be there for one meal (!). But any good food will make us happy.

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  1. Hi. If you want bbq there are a couple options away from the mobs. Styles Switch might not be too bad. Their beef rib is really great. Brisket most visits really shines too. And they have great sausage. Might be mobbed (or sold out) despite being away from downtown. The easy options are County Line and Salt Lick (the Round Rock one) I'd go to Salt Lick I think their Q is better. I really like their pork ribs. And the All you can eat at either makes for a fun meal even if the Q isn't up to Lockhart standards.

    1. We've enjoyed Johnny T's BBQ in Round Rock off of 620. I would recommend this over the Salt Lick and County Line.
      Another option would be Jack Allen's off of I-35. Look up their menu. They hit the farmer's markets and make interesting and delicious meals. And they have great drinks. Hope you enjoy your trip.

      1. I would recommend Jack Allen's Kitchen up in Round Rock. They have a pretty good variety of dishes, including some Tex Mex. The Chicken Fried Short Rib is fantastic, but their other chicken fried entrees are also very good. Great salads for the lighter eaters as well.

        EDIT: Mitzi beat me to it! :)

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          If you go to Jack Allen's kitchen, hopefully they will have the Duck Duck Goat dinner special.

          If they have it, get the Duck Duck Goat :-).

        2. I'd second Stiles Switch. Usually not too crowded, friendly folks and tasty banana pudding (and BBQ, of course!). If you want to go a little further north, I always enjoy the Monument Cafe in Georgetown. Solid American food in a retro modern diner atmosphere with a good smattering of senior citizens (Sun City nearby).