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Mar 3, 2013 06:59 AM

Dauphin Grille Asbury Park

Four of us had a very nice meal at the Dauphin Grille last night. The food and service was quite good. We ate in the dining room and the atmosphere was one of the reasons we had a pleasant evening. The tables are spaced well, so that you are not "on top" of each other. There was a jazz quartet playing quietly in the background.
I had a Caesar Salad and fish kabob...very tasty...will definitely return!

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  1. Dauphin Grille is closing down:

    According to the Asbury Park Sun,
    "Recent changes in the corporate management of the hotel provided Schlossbach and her business partners an opportunity to “part on a good note,” she said."

    1. Thats a shame, never got to go there. Or is it????