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Mar 3, 2013 06:53 AM

Savannah restaurants within walking distance of Bay St

I am meeting 6 other women in savannah for a college reunion next week. Several of us are foodies but not all. Since there may be some cocktails involved, I would like to find 2 restaurants near our hotel on Bay St. We have reservations for Pink House for one of the 3 nights. I have read all the posts but could use some guidance with walking in mind.

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  1. Garibaldi and Cha Bella are two others within easy walking distance that come to mind.

    A. Lure is right next door to Garibaldi and has gotten some good reviews but we have not been there yet.

    1. Bay Street is a long street, so what's close to one end may not within walking distance of the other end, but generally speaking, Garibaldi Cafe, Vic's on the River and a.lure are close to Bay Street, and are very good.

      You can also go to Google Maps, type in the name of the restaurant, and it will instantly show you the location, which you can then compare to the location of your hotel.

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        Thanks for the info! All of those had good reviews on the threads I have read. You saved me a lot of time that is in short supply this week

      2. My husband and I were in Savannah two weekends ago and we really enjoyed Circa 1875 Gastro Pub. It's in a beautiful setting with a real French Bistro slant. It's only 5 blocks from Bay Street and right next door to the Paris Market, which is a lovely shop. Reservations are a must!

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          Thanks for the suggestion! I love France and french bistro which is why a trip to Paris Market was also on my list!