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Mar 3, 2013 06:51 AM

Delhi - Lunch at Infinity, Hilton New Delhi

Bright, sunny dining room with cheerful color tones on its furniture and decor. Service was prompt and efficient. Although Infinity was pitched as a predominantly Italian eatery, but with Indian and other continental options (including an interesting range of fusion "Desi Pizzas"), I was more than impressed by my Indian lunch options there today:

- Mutton briyani: delicious well-cooked mutton; fragrant, perfectly-cooked rice, seasoning was a bit on the salty side though.

- Lamb khorma: perfectly textured meat, with creamy cashew-thickened sauce.

- Garlic naans were thin, crisp and absolutely delicious.

Great place to catch a casual meal in Noida.

Address details
Hilton New Delhi
13 BMayur Vihar, District Centre
New Delhi 110091
Tel: +91 11 4110 2222

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