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Mar 3, 2013 02:46 AM

What else can you use an aebleskiver / golf ball / gem scone pan for?

I picked up a nice little cast iron gem scone pan at the flea market this morning. I've made my first batch of gem scones, and a batch of kanom krok...

I'm inspired by this slightly different way of cooking. Preheat the pan in the oven, prepare your batter, then pour the mixture in and hear it sizzle. It starts cooking before it's even back in the oven. I love this method with my cast iron skillets as well. It's so quick!

I'd like to make good use of my latest find. Can you think of any other ways I can use this new favourite toy of mine?

I did a search, couldn't find anything... but I'd be happy to be linked to any previous threads on a similar topic :)

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    1. re: youareabunny

      Ooh, thank you! Had to google that one, looks delicious :)

      1. re: ursy_ten

        :) I have yet to make it myself. There is a bit of a technique, "cookingwithdog" channel on YouTube has a nice takoyaki video. Glad you enjoy your pan, but you could always send it to me if you get bored hehehe

        1. re: youareabunny

          "cookingwithdog" is funny, I'll have to look up the takoyaki one.

          I remember the first time I heard of it, I thought they were talking about cookings actual dogs - eep!

    2. I've make pakoras in them, too. Idlis are another possibility.

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      1. re: blinknoodle

        Thanks for the suggestions! I had never heard of idli - they look great :)

        1. re: blinknoodle

          I am used to steamed idlis. I will have to research now. ;)

        2. Thai Coconut Pudding, 'Khanom Krok' !

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          1. re: meatn3

            They are so yummy, aren't they? I tried one but it was horribly rich, too much coconut cream (and I LOVE coconut) - think I'm going to have to tweak the recipe or find one that's not so heavy.

          2. I have one of these pans, but seldom use it. Thinking about your question I wonder if it would be a good vehicle for keeping meatballs wonderfully round while they browned???

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            1. re: nlgardener

              Ooh yes, and we could call them speedballs! (Because I'm sure they'd cook quicker as well)