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Mar 3, 2013 01:35 AM

Best Chile Con Queso in San Antonio

It's something I've wondered for 7 years since I moved to this city. Where can I find the best queso in SA? As my time here comes to an end, and I ponder my move to the northeast, I want to make sure I don't leave without finding out the answer. I am a native Houstonian, where queso is revered by all, just read this piece by our famed food writer, Alison Cook:

This is a quest I ask all chowhounders to embark on. I'm looking for that chile con queso that we all dream of. Thick, comforting, with no additional frills like meat and chili. Just the good stuff. And a side of chips please.

My initial nominations, in a weighted order:
Pappasito's Cantina
Paloma Blanca
Alamo Cafe
Habanero's Grill

much farther down: Cha-Cha's and Mi Tierra

Thoughts from my fellow San Antonians?

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  1. I'm watching this one. A good queso dip is hard to find. We didn't care too much for Paloma Blanca; too runny which resulted in a low cheese to chip ratio. Believe it or not, when Rio Rio had just opened, they had a queso that was made with real cheddar cheese that was served on a platter. It was great but I guess it cost too much to make; the last time we went in there (about 15 yrs ago) it was a runny mess with no flavor.