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Mar 2, 2013 10:42 PM

Have you ever eaten bugs... On purpose?

Not like "there was a worm in my salad!" but like "I've had sauteed silkworms".

When I was a kid, my aunt took me to a secluded mountain resort where they specialized in "mountain food"... The menu included various wild plants, boar dishes, as well as candied locusts. I could only bring myself to eat the legs...

Another bug dish: at a different resort, we were served fresh honeycomb with a yellow jacket in it. The yellow jacket is suppose to release a toxin that's good for you, or something like that.

What kind of bugs have you ingested intentionally?

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    1. Intentionally? None..... Oh, maybe there were the insect shell of the cicada. Not the intact cicada, just the shell. I had to drink the soup from them. A lot of them.

      I have eaten many other insect unintentionally, but cicada shell is the only one which I had to eat over and over again for about more than 1 week.

      1. High school biology class: french-fried butterflies, crickets and chocolate covered ants (tasted like the old Nestle Crunch).

        Nowadays, parents would probably storm the school, saying their children were being poisoned by the biology teacher!

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        1. re: pine time

          i hear about chocolate covered ants a lot... nestle crunch, eh!

          when i went to science camp, the camp counselor had us eat these ants that were vinegar filled, and then kiss a banana slug. i agree, nowadays parents would probably flip out...

        2. grass hoppers -- they were battered

          1. In every can of vegetables. Read the FDA allowable contaniments.

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            1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

              well, i hope you don't open a can of beans thinking "gotta get my daily allowance of fly wings!"