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Berkshire Pork

Anyone know if Berkshire pork is available in the city? There was a segment on Semaine Vert that showed some farmers that raise them but are they the only ones?

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  1. What is special about this kind of pork?

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        Berkshire chop on left. "Other white meat" on right.

      2. I saw some at Cool & Simple last time I was there (3-4 months ago). It is frozen and according to their website it is local. I cannot remember the prices.


        1. If you can't find it in Montreal try Gaspor Pork on sale at Le Latini.It has to be the best pork I've ever tasted.

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            Thanks Virgile, if they carry Wagyu too it's probably the same farmer I saw on TV that breeds Berkshire too.

            Finefoodie, yes want to pick up some of Gaspor's too, have had it in restos and been meaning to buy some from Latini. Do they always have stock or do you have to place an order?

            St Vincent carries Viandes de Charlevoix pork (via du Breton) which is also quite good and well marbled, it's a mix breed but not Berkshire.

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              I went to the Monkland location of Cool & SImple looking for Berkshire Pork but they didn't have any, the person working that day didn't even know what I was talking about. I did pick up some Wagyu Beef though, ground beef and rib steak. I still have the steak in the freezer but made some burgers with the ground and let me tell you that was the most tender burger I've ever had. They cooked really quickly on the BBQ, I think I had them on for only about 6-7 minutes and they got past medium. I was looking to keep some red in the middle but they got away on me but were still really tender, juicy and flavourful.

              I'll try to get to the Wellington location in the near future.

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                I was at the Wellington one yesterday and they had a few cuts of Berkshire. I saw some tenderloin (55$/kg), a few chops (35$/kg , I think), some ground meat, and shoulder (18$/kg).

                I got the only package of shoulder, sort of a thick slice with a nice 1-1.5in fat cap.

                They had slightly more choices for the Wagyu but I didn't get any.

          2. Chien fumant had Berkshire pork chop on the menu last week. Don't know if it's still there though.

            1. Finally got around to picking up some Gaspor piglet from Chez Latina, that was some tasty tender pig.

              1. I've been following this thread with a bit of interest (I'm looking for ossabaw pork...but thats another story...)

                Theres a farm south of 3 Rivers that produces berkshires. A bit of a trek, yes, but their website lists quite a few montreal-area stores which carry their products;

                granpart's photo looks amazing - I'm going to check out a few of the places listed on the Odelil site tomorrow, get me some chops, and grill them.

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                  I've seen Odelil beef around the city and have had their rib steak. I can't say I've noticed too much of their pork but then again wasn't really looking out for it. Will do so now.

                  I find the problem with some of these producers is that they don't supply to many cuts to the retail stores. ie. Ferme Rheintal pork or Valens, all you find is ground pork and an occasional chop if that.

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                    I think you hit the nail on the head, JerkPork.

                    So I write down about 6 places from the Odelil website. First place we try is
                    Rachelle-Béry – 4810, boul. St-Laurent (Plateau Mont-Royal)
                    No luck.
                    No problem, I head to the next place around the corner:
                    Fruiterie du Parc – 3675, av. du Parc (Plateau Mont-Royal)
                    This place apparently goes not exist - the address seems to be in the field just north of the air transit building near Pine...
                    Strike two.
                    So I head to Sherbrooke, where on the corner of Parc is
                    Couffin Bio – 355, rue Sherbrooke Ouest (Plateau Mont-Royal)
                    Strike 3, but luckily this ain't baseball...
                    A short drive to St. Denis brought me to
                    Les Marchés TAU – 4235, rue St-Denis (Plateau Mont-Royal)
                    Close, but no cigar - they had ground pork (the first place to have Odelil pork of any kind) but not chops.

                    My goose was cooked and the chase was off...
                    Wait! JTM has a coupla "biological" butchers, maybe they have something similar?
                    Drove into Little Italy and to JTM.
                    A couple of places did indeed have organically raised pork, but none of it looked like grampart's picture.

                    I ended up buying some run-of-the-mill pork hocks at Fairmont butchers. Going to cure them and have "pig knuckles" in a coupla weeks.

                    BUT I will continue to search for a heritage breed such as berkshire or tammorth, red wattle, yorkshire, - maybe even ossabaw.

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                      Fruiterie du parc definitely exists ...its above milton on the east side of the street and is a very cheap place to buy groceries

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                        I see that now, and from a web search,
                        Address: 3575, Av Du Parc, Montreal, QC H2X 3P9

                        Howsomever, the Odelil website pegs them at "3675"

                        On the short drive there, I had assumed it was going to be part of Les Galleries du Parc. We had parked around the corner and blindly walked to Les Galleries. There was no evidence of a fruiterie from the outside, so we checked the address. It was in the 35 hundreds and apparently I needed 3675. Walking north, I discovered there was no 3675....

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                          Fruiterie du Parc is indeed in Les Galeries du Parc where it also goes by the name Eden.

                          I think the place kpaxonite is thinking of is Marché Lobo.

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                        I went to the Rachelle-Bery on St-Laurent too, I saw a package of Odelil pork sausage. I wanted to post but then I forgot, would've saved you a stop.

                        During my googling for heritage pork in Quebec I came across this: (french only)
                        and this: http://www.boeufnature.ca/commandes (they have pork too, both places are partners from what I've gathered


                        As far as breeds other than Berkshire, I found a couple breeders for tamworth, large black, and I think another one. It is not clear whether they would sell to individuals.

                        I think this thread could serve as a general info thread on heritage pork in the province.

                        1. re: Virgile

                          It wasn't all futility, we had fun chasing this elusive wild goose.

                          Thanks for your leads.
                          Besides casual pork cooking, I do a whole hog 3-4 times per year, usually getting the pig from an abbatoir in St. Phillipe.

                          I think I'll give one of the suppliers listed in the website a call. If they don't sell direct, maybe Joe @ Fairmont might be willing to be a middleman.
                          The price of $2.50/lb is not bad at all (I pay about $2/lb in St. Phillipe, sometimes a bit more, somethimes less).