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Mar 2, 2013 08:41 PM

Jidori chicken in Brooklyn at Qoo

Qoo Robata Yakitori Izakaya has Jidori chicken. True Jidori chicken is free range, organic, vegetable fed and killed the same day and never frozen. The meat taste better, it has less water content and I believe Qoo is truthful in saying they have this. They serve this chicken on skewers. They serve every part of the chicken you can think of. One part Sot L'y laisse , a hidden part is fantastic. The neck meat, the skin, the wing joint,tail etc are all absolutely fantastic. I will surely frequent this place just for the skewered chicken parts. Other dishes are good too. The takowasa is good, the grilled Hokke ( Othotsk atka mackerel ) was delicious.
This place is a find for the Jidori for sure . Some call it the kobe beef of chicken.

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  1. I always enjoy Qoo Robata. I agree the Takowasa is good. My other favorites are shio saba, ankimo, kakuni and karaage. I think the pitchers of beer are a good deal too.