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Mar 2, 2013 07:30 PM

What's for Dinner #196 - The Dawn before Daylight Saving Time [OLD]

Embracing the last few days of justifying a very early dinner, followed by dinner # if need be because it's dark outside. What's for dinner?

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  1. Red curry with broccoli, red peppers, and cashews, over brown rice. My goal for the next month is to slim down a little before heading off to Paris (and its fromage)!

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    1. Also had red curry but with chicken and spinach on the side.

      1. Just hitting a bookmark so I know where to go tomorrow. :-)

        1. Chili and cornbread leftovers.

          My planned lunch/dinner menu for last week looks like a diagram for a football pass-play -- circles and arrows everywhere and some X's as we had a lunch out cancelled, another added, and leftovers for several more meals than I'd expected. I've got a new plan made for the upcoming week. Watch, now I'll not have the leftovers I'm counting on. ;-)

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            Yum, one of my favorite winter lunches.

          2. not sure what's up for tomorrow yet. did a lot of grocery shopping today - stupidmart and Trader Joe's, since i had the car at the Oldster's house. i picked up the famous Alsatian Tart, but i'll save that for another night when we are short on time for dinner. also some arancini bites, but ditto on that. I also got the aforementioned (last thread) lamb tips in burgandy sauce, but i stuck those in the freezer too. AND, i bought some cheese tortellinis, as the BF recently expressed his love for them. i'm not sure what kind of sauce i would make for them.... maybe a creamy shroomy sauce? or a nice tomato sauce? i picked up a can of San Marzano tomatoes...i also have a packet of pancetta, as the BF will not be able to ingest his meal without some bit of animal flesh in there....

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              Those cheese tortellinis go with anything really, but I get a variation of this dish: at an italian restaurant where my folks live and it's very good. Rich, but good. You could use your pancetta with it instead of the prosciutto.

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                  MC....if you wish I substitute Asiago for the parmreg, and add the parmreg at the table. This basic prep works great with most filled pastas.

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                  hey thanks everyone! i let the BF choose the tortellini prep, so he went online and found an Eating Right recipe (we'd had very rich grilled ham and cheese sandwiches i made at 3:30, so he opted for a non-creamy prep).

                  it was a really easy, basic tomato sauce - sauteed a chopped onion (i had leeks that need to be cooked, so used those instead), and i added minced garlic (the recipe didn't call for any!) i also then added a couple handfuls of pancetta, til they crisped up a bit. then a can of tomatoes - i had just purchased a can of San Marzanos - chopped up, and their juice, s&p, let that saute for about 15 mins. off heat, threw in a bunch of chopped basil and voila! in the meantime, i cooked the tortellini for about 4 mins and finished it in the sauce. served with parm regg at the table, and a salad of lettuce, green beans, kalamata olives, and shallots with balsamic.. the pasta was a really light and flavorful dish, very satisfying. i'm fairly certain there will be none left when i wake up.

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                    Looks and sounds great! Way lighter than that cream one :)

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                    My favorite thing with cheese tortellini is to dump them with the boiling water over a colander of baby spinach and toss them around enough to wilt the spinach. Then a TJ red sauce goes over them. The arabiata is good but spicy for some people like Mr Berheenia. He likes the chunky organic marinara.

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                        I love the spinach idea. I never know how to use them either so have given up buying them.