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Mar 2, 2013 05:52 PM

Recommendations in the University District

I'll be in the University District (Watertown Hotel) for conference and I unfortunately won't have a car. Any recommendations for coffee-spots and restaurants would be really welcome. We don't eat meat, but other than that we're pretty happy eaters...thanks!!!!

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  1. The Portage Bay Cafe on Roosevelt should work nicely for you.

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      Second Portage Bay Cafe. Very good food with great non-meat options. Note that weekend breakfast and lunch can be packed but you can call ahead and make a reservation.

    2. Ugly Mug Cafe, Shalimar (Indian/Pakistani), U-Don (Japanese udon noodles), Araya's Place (vegan Thai)

      1. One of my favorite cafes in the city is Trabant on 45th and University.

        For food, the options are not the best along the Ave. I would recommend Savatdee Thai and Laotian, which is a little bit of a walk, but not too bad. I've heard decent things about U-DON but haven't checked them out myself yet.

        1. Samurai Noodle on University Way NE ("the Ave") serves tasty noodles. Also recommend U:Don for delicious udon, also on the Ave.

          1. Coffee: Herkimer, Trabant and Zoka.

            What sort of restaurants are you looking for (cuisine, price range)? There are a lot of options.