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Mar 2, 2013 05:50 PM

Green Eggplant closed on Eglinton

Driving by it looks like Green Eggplant has closed on Eglinton. A sign with something like "Sweet Home" is up instead. Does anyone have any information on this new cafe or restaurant?

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  1. I was wondering about that myself.

    Some sort of Bar & Grill?

    Odd that Green Eggplant closed. They were pretty busy.

    1. Like you magic, I think that's strange. I thought Green Eggplant did very well.

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      1. re: kwass

        It's a head-scratcher. I have no idea.

        1. re: magic

          I think the newly opened "0 0 Zero" might have had a hand in their demise....tons of restaurants on that stretch of Eglinton

            1. re: kwass

              just a guess--a reference to doppio zero flour used in italian pizza, one of the requirements for vpn?

                1. re: MissBingBing

                  Thanks. This is the 1st I've heard of this restaurant.

                  1. re: kwass

                    People in the area are going ape$hit for it.

                    I haven't been yet.

                    1. re: magic

                      Really? Wonder why I haven't heard of it until now. I looked @ the menu, and it actually looks pretty good.

                      1. re: kwass

                        I think there's a smaller thread on it.

                        It's mainly a neighbourhood spot. It's relatively new. Not the sort of place that get tons of attention outside its area.

              1. re: kwass

                "What is 0 0 Zero?"
                Doppio Zero,new restaurant that opened up on Eg west

                1. re: petek

                  I am told that Green Eggplant, which was on the market for more than a year, was sold to a new buyer who has decided to change the name but is otherwise keeping the menu mostly intact.

                  1. re: glickjor

                    Hmm, if that's true, that's the second time this has happened for this restaurant.

                    Initially it began as Meron, but the name was changed to Green Eggplant, it was renovated (new owners perhaps) with the menu kept largely the same.

                    Wonder why it keeps on going through upheavals when it actually seems to do quite well....?

                    1. re: magic

                      There is another Green Eggplant in the Beach. It to does very well.

                      I also find this surprising because of the lineups they had.

                      1. re: millygirl

                        Yes, there's one in The Beach too. Never been, myself.

                        1. re: millygirl

                          Why is this surprising at all?? A restaurant operator works hard to ensure that they have a great concept and a thriving business, and decides to cash out to let someone else own and run the business. Why do you assume that a new owner and name means that what was there before wasn't working?

                          1. re: CarNut

                            I guess. It's just happened twice with this place.

                            When a busy neighbourhood changes concepts twice I think it's perfectly natural to wonder why.

                            Your explanation makes sense but don't you think it's also reasonable to question why when it's happened twice in 3 years??

          1. The new name is Super Sweet Home. I went in to look through their menu. Pretty much the same as Green Eggplant. They're now charging for their dips/bread appetizer.

            I spoke to a server who still works there and she said the quality of the food has improved and their fries are now homemade.

            Green Eggplant was always busy but couldn't compete when two new restaurants opened up (The Abbot and Doppo Zero).

            Green Eggplant, in my opinion, was always quantity over quality.

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            1. re: No2cilantro

              What doesn't make sense is if Green Eggplant couldn't compete with the 2 new restaurants that opened up, how will Super Sweet Home, which is, from what you've said, essentially the same restaurant with a different name?

              1. re: kwass

                I am sure there is more to the story.

              2. re: No2cilantro

                For the most part yes plenty of mediocrity, but they did have some good dishes. Big fan of their chicken schnitzel.

                Good that their fries are now fresh cut. I love some frozen fries, but theirs were awful.

                Bout time they start charging for those dips. That makes sense. Hopefully the bread improves. It was ok, but nothing I'd ever pay for. Dips were good. I'd pay for those.

                Super Sweet Home. Uggh. What a ridiculous name.

                1. re: magic

                  It really is a horrible name! How the heck did they come up with that!!

                  1. re: kwass

                    Oh well. Will still check the new digs out at some point.

                    1. re: magic

                      The name won't stop me from trying it either :)

                    2. re: kwass

                      Super Sweet Home is all papered up.

                      Have not gone in for a closer look.

                      Not sure if it's simply renovating, on vacation, or closed.

                      Perhaps someone has more info.....

                      1. re: magic

                        Let's just hope they don't reopen yet again with the same menu under a new name. The Eglinton strip is crying out for a decent restaurant.

                        1. re: Tatai

                          Yes, that location constantly reopens under a new name with a similar menu but no real change. If this happens again, I suppose we'll be having the same conversation in a few months.

                  2. It was fine for a scrambled egg breakfast.

                    We went often with another couple. The prices were very reasonable, the food was fresh and tasty. And we stayed as long as we liked. No one bothered us.

                    1. Walk yourself next door to the Abbot on Eglinton where they serve great food (seasonal produce, house-made sausages, quality chicken and beef, delicious desserts). The atmosphere is always cozy and friendly, and they make a good drink too. Why go anywhere else?

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                      1. re: No2cilantro

                        "Why go anywhere else"? Because the food is quite lousy at the Abbott on Eglinton...

                        1. re: Tatai

                          The food there is definitely not "lousy". The pub fare there easily rivals anything you'll find in north Toronto.