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Mar 2, 2013 05:45 PM

All American food with character in Los Angeles

I'm going on a long journey to Vietnam and then South Korea (never have gotten tired of Viet food), but wanted to get my last hoorah of great American food before I left, and wanted some suggestions on where to go!!



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  1. For me nothing is more all American than Pann's, patty melt, chicken wings or Turkey dinner you can't go wrong.

    1. I recommend The Grill in Beverly Hills. Great American food and prepared and served beautifully. Enjoy your journey.

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          Start with a crab louise, then a steak or a corned beef hash with eggs, and then finish with the best classic cheesecake in town.

          Wash down with a copius number of martinis.

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            +3 on the Grill. Also the Brentwood. Great fried chicken.

        2. Definitely get some Langer's sandwiches and some American style southern BBQ! A sandwich from Bay Cities or mendocino farms, maybe some pastrami chili cheese fries from the hat or johnnies, pizza from Vito's or Lamonicas (because they're the best IMO of the American style pizza) burgers, either high end at father's office, blue palms, plan check or low end at in-n-out or big jo's. For me, BBQ, sandwiches, pizza, burgers and fries are the quintessential American foods so I tried to cover those bases for you. Diners like Pann's are a good choice, also consider checking out some of the "soul food" restaurants down in inglewood, whether it's chicken and waffles or just home-style southern cooking.

          1. Lawry's
            In N Out
            Musso and Frank

            1. Jar for one of the steaks or the pot roast.