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Mar 2, 2013 05:22 PM

The Pasty

Lard or not and why. Also, rutabega or not. =) I had my first pasty made with lard in the crust today and it was amazing! No rutabega for me though, it's a texture thing ;)

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  1. Half and half, butter/lard. Because it's seems right.

    Ingredients - beef, potato, onion, swede. Because they're the traditional ingredients

    1. Swede is the UK term for rutabega.

      How about turnips or parsnips?

      1. By co-incidence, yesterday saw the annual World Pasty Championship in Cornwall.

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        1. re: Harters

          That is pretty cool Harters, because we just drove 100miles on a whim to have *real* Pasties for lunch. Their pasty with meat, potato, onion and rutabega was called the Cornish=)

        2. I have English family up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They do them a little different than most of the renditions in the area. They use suet, and rutabaga is a MUST. The suet produces a crispier pastry/crust. The rutabaga is chopped finer than the other ingredients, and is mostly not noticeable for the most part (outside of the mild funk it brings.)

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          1. re: gordeaux

            Yum. I first tasted a pasty in Ishpeming and rate all others by it.

          2. Remember, short A, short A, short A. Long A equals verbal or physical abuse, depending on gender of person spoken to.

            Be they from Jamaica, Cornwall, Youper, or Nachitoches, I love them all. And had them from each.