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Mar 2, 2013 04:10 PM

Jack Daniel's "Unaged" Rye

Anyone tasted it yet?

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  1. I keep eyeballing it... but damn... it's priced like a long aged whiskey. One of these days...

    However, I did try "Jacob's Ghost" (from Jim Beam, aged one year); not a rye, but rather a white bourbon whiskey.
    I rather liked it.

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    1. re: The Professor

      It bothers me that they are charging what start-up microdistilleries would charge so that they can stay afloat as their other products age in the rickhouse. Except, they are doing it on a macroscale and it's not costing double what their whiskey aged for 4 years or so costs.

    2. it's got "rye" in the name, and i've been a rye guy since before ryes were hip (meaning i was drinking them in 2005).

      it has the aroma of band-aids, and tastes of pancake batter.

      frankly, it's not worth the attempt. and it's hideously overpriced for underprocessed booze.

      it's junk. i dumped the rest of the bottle in the sink, with prejudice. save your money. not worth even the curiosity factor.