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Mar 2, 2013 03:53 PM

Freeze Foie Gras?

Can slices of foie gras be frozen without harming their quality? Thanks.

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  1. I recently asked the well-known specialty foods (including foie gras & foie gras products) purveyor "D'artagnon" that question regarding their foie gras pate's, spreads, & mousses, & they told me no, that it was not recommended. Don't know if foie gras slices would be different.

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      Plain foie gras Is definitely freezable. It's high fat content is the key. In my restaurant I would buy whole lobes. Portion nice 2-3 thick cut slices individually wrap and freeze.

    2. It's absolutely freezable -- it's sold frozen in French supermarkets all year round (because it's really only fresh in the fall)