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Glendale / Eagle Rock - Vegetarian Friendly Take-Out?

Going to be in the Glendale / Eagle Rock area for a couple of days this week / next week and am looking for early evening (4:30 - 5:00) take-out options that vegetarian-friendly and under $15.00 to $20.00 per person (or well under that). Open to any cuisine.

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  1. Sedthee Thai does vegetarian/vegan versions of most of their dishes. http://sedtheethaieatery.com

    Portos Bakery has a great feta sandwich and their grilled veggie is very satisfying. http://www.portosbakery.com/content/p...

    Four Cafe has lots of vegetarian options.

    And Indochine in Atwater has nice veggie choices too.

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      Thank you, HappyBaker! Hadn't thought about Portos (only been to their Burbank location) and hadn't heard of Four Cafe. Both look like great options!

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        All good recommends. Four Cafe is amazing =)

      2. I recognize this is outside your preferred geographic parameters but: http://www.birdshollywood.com/

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          Hadn't heard of it, Servorg, but thank you - probably outside of our driving area (we're just coming back to Pasadena), but we're often over that way and the menu looks perfect!

        2. Oh and I have never eaten there, but I know Blue Hen has lots of vegan options on their menu - just look for the (V)


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            Thank you again, HappyBaker - another new one to me and the menu looks great for what we're seeking!

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              We had an early dinner Saturday at Skaf's in Glendale on Chevy Chase. We arrived a little after 5:00pm and there was one diner enjoying his fare.

              Mom Skaf was there and extremely welcoming and friendly. She settled us in and explained the menu with her recommendations. Her son walked in soon after and greeted us with pleasant warmth and grace. He loves the restaurant and the food, and he was at the grill after we ordered.

              We were served a cold slaw immediately, followed by several warm pitas and hummus. The slaw looked ordinary, but it caught our attention; it was fresh, crispy and minty. We asked about it and Son Skaf gave us his family recipe: cabbage, lemon, olive oil, garlic and lots of fresh mint.

              I had a chicken shawarma. The chicken was tasty and the combination with the tahini was very satisfying.

              Son Skaf gave us two complimentary cashew baklava rolls. They were unlike all the others. These were fluffy and light and buttery and crisp. Next time I will come by just for the slaw and baklava!

              Skaf's now has three locations, all run by members of the Skaf family. While we were eating, other customers filled the tables. These other customers were regulars because Mrs. Skaf and her son greeted many by name and stopped by the tables to chat. How very nice!

              I highly recommend Skaf's, both as a vegetarian option and for their other meat selections.

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                IIRC, the cabbage salad there uses dried mint, not fresh.

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                  Ahh-HAH!!!! Thanks, will47!

                  I just made it for dinner tonight. I used fresh mint leaves and scissor'd an entire bunch into the cabbage salad. I tasted the mix and it tastes very much like the one at Skaf's. Maybe it won't matter that I did not use dried mint? I am not a big fan of the dried mint because it loses its brightness quickly.

                  I will post after dinner IF there is a difference.

            2. Seconding Four Cafe. Cacao Mexicatessen has a lot of good vegetarian options as well.

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                I'll third Four Cafe. I had a pea soup there that was second to none, like fresh off the vine and out of the pod fresh. I have never tasted anything quite like it.

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                  Second Cacao. The avocado tacos and huitlacoche are both great.

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                    i get the avocado burrito every time! i love cacao! also love their corn on the cob.

                2. Vietnamese next door neighbors Halong Bay and Lemon Grass have good choices.
                  Fusion Burger-way better than average veggie burger
                  Masacasa-sweet tiny Japanese place
                  Yum-Me Banh Mi (despite name I wouldn't say out loud) is better than I expected.
                  There is a vegetarian Mexican restaurant called Cinnamon in Highland Park. Lots of fake meat. Haven't been for ages but people like it. I guess. They've been there forever.
                  Another Vietnamese option is Good Girl Dinette which is sort of hipsterized.
                  Potato Tacos at My Taco and Potato and/or Mushroom Pierogi from Polka are both delicious if calories are no object.
                  Spitz has a couple good choices.
                  Will third Cacao as being outstanding. My two meals at Four insured there will be no third, let alone a fourth but it's very popular and quite amiable.

                  1. whatever you do don't go to the Taco Spot on Colorado. it's really bad. my friend and i went there for lunch and got a burrito and salad. the salad came out slimy since the greens were so old. everything about the burrito was bad too. old salty crusty beans and crispy rice. bleh!

                    Cacao on the other end of colorado is another story all together. That place is fantastic mexican food.

                    Brownstone pizza is ok for slices. They're very very thin and a bit pricey for the amount but you can get whatever toppings you want on it which helps and no waiting like Casa Bianca.

                    The Coffee Table is ok too. Haven't been there in ages but when I used to go back in 2007 it was decent cafe food. Nothing outstanding but had decent sandwiches.

                    good luck.

                    1. Belated updated and thanks to all who contributed with suggestions.

                      * Portos: had forgotten just how much I love their pastries (I tend to end-up at Merengue in Monrovia, which is good, but Portos really is better) and the veggie sandwiches were grand.

                      * Four Cafe: we tried twice and it just didn't work for us. Nothing wrong with the food or the service, but nothing "sparked" in terms of taste, if that makes sense.

                      * Skaf's (Brand Blvd. location): we had take-out from here several times, always a selection of hot and cold appetizers and salads. Great choices, friendly service, very good food.

                      * Coffee Table: I remember liking this place a couple of years ago; not so much lately. Nothing wrong with the food, but nothing particularly intriguing about it either.

                      * Scarantino's in Glendale: went over the budget, but sometimes that is allowed. Food was good and warm and filling and comforting ... and sometimes that is exactly what one wants!

                      * Polka: Hadn't thought about getting take-out from here before this thread, but we did and it was ... okay. Flavors were great, but the textural components didn't hold-up as well as one might have preferred during the transit back to Pasadena.

                      * Auntie Em's: I want to like this place more than I actually do. The pastries are wonderful, and I like the cheese selection / offerings, but I keep striking out on the sandwiches and other dishes.

                      We avoided the Asian restaurants because my dining partner has a quirky belief that all Asian food (outside of Chinese) should be eaten at the restaurant and not as take-out. I have no idea where this originates and, after 13 years, I don't think I'll be able to sway his mind. I completely blanked-out on this in my original post.

                      Oddly, we never did make it to Cacao Mexicatessan, but it's still very much on our "we really need to go there!" list.