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Mar 2, 2013 01:50 PM

Party Venue in (Lower) Westchester

Hi all,
We are looking for a place to have a B'nei Mitzvah party that is on the low end cost-wise and would let us use a kosher caterer or bring food.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your thoughts!

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  1. The Play Group Theater in White Plains rents its facilities for private parties. Depending on the size of your group, you could do a seated meal in the lobby or studio theater, or a buffet/cocktail party. You could bring in any caterer you choose. We are planning our daughter's bat mitzvah party there for next spring - 200 people cocktail buffet style.

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    1. re: jslmjl

      We are just starting to plan my sons barmitzvah. What do you mean by cocktail buffet style? He wants a dance party with a buffet rather than a seated formal lunch but i still want to do a saturday afternoon.

      For OP there are other places to rent. i read somewhere about an american legion hall in larchmont being nice to rent but havenot been able to get contact information. I think some of the apt complexes in New Rochelle have big party rooms to rent out also. A kosher caterer may need to have a kosher kitchen available for heating up and plating food so I would definitely consult them as jslmjl suggested.

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        Cocktail buffet = smaller cocktail tables, no assigned seating, multiple buffet stations with variety so that people will mingle and move around like at a cocktail party, but with enough food served for it to be a meal. My daughter was adamant that there be no tables of 8 or 10 with place cards! We will make sure though that there are seats at tables reserved for the older relatives.

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          Thats interesting because my son wants a dance party with a buffet. I was planning on doing assigned seating for the adults and young children, but smaller tables around the dance floor, maybe ottomans or lounge furniture for the teens and young adults. It depends where we have it. It is next May date tbd.

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          Re "american legion hall in larchmont": I bet that is the VFW, right next to Trader Joe's. I've taught classes there, and it is a lovely older space--not catering hall-esque at all. You'd need to see about whether there's enough parking for your guests--otherwise overflow would end up at nearby shopping centers.

          Can't speak to the kitchen facilities, but I know there are some.

        1. Maybe you can rent a ballroom at a Marriott or something like that? When I worked in one of those hotels, they would let people bring in Kosher food. I do know you would have to use their staff. Dont know if it's a dealbreaker for you? Good luck!

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            Thanks, I have to start contacting hotels, I guess... ; )

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              You may also want to try contacting kosher caterers directly first and asking them if there are locations they often work in and could suggest for a less costly rental.

              1. re: jslmjl

                good idea--now to choose a caterer...

          2. The Bronxville Woman's Club rents for parties up to 200, and I believe that you have to supply your own caterer. It is a very pretty Colonial Revival building with great facilities and an on site kitchen.


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              Thanks, I tried them and they are still higher than we were hoping and they have a lot of restrictions. Also, the places smells a bit--I know other events have happened there and they used aor fresheners and that helped (I worked at that location for another business so I was there a everyday for months).

            2. The original comment has been removed