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Mar 2, 2013 11:43 AM

Help with WW bread recipe using Bosch Compact Mixer

This YouTube video convinced me to purchase a Bosch Compact Mixer: It's a long video so I'll just give you the ingredients here:

3 c water about 100 degrees
1/3 c canola oil--half coconut oil, optionally
6 3/4 WW flour
1 T vital wheat gluten
1 T dough enhancer
1 T salt
1 T SAF yeast

Mix all at once (in mixer) 6-8 minutes. Makes 3 1.25 lb loaves

Okay, so I was going to attempt it, but then tried to find the recipe written somewhere to make sure I got everything. On the website for Bosch Kitchen Center (the folks that made the video), they have a recipe here: for the Bosch Compact Mixer that is slightly different:

3 cups hot tap water
1/3 cup oil
1/3 cup honey
1 T salt
2 T Vital Gluten
1 T Dough Enhancer
2 T SAF instant yeast
7-8 cups freshly milled whole wheat flour

So my questions are,
#1 I don't have dough enhancer, is it necessary?
#2 I'd rather not add honey as in the second recipe, but do you think it's necessary?
#3 Why do you think the second recipe calls for twice the amount of gluten and yeast as the first one?
#4 I intend to use white whole wheat flour: do you think this will change anything in the procedure?

I suppose I should just make a single loaf of bread for now till I get answers to the above questions. Don't want to waste the ingredients and effort on 3 loaves that might fail.


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  1. I didn't take time to watch the video, but I'd trust a company's published recipe over one given verbally in a video (too much room for error there).

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    1. re: ButterYum

      Good point. The guy did make some boo-boos in his presentation--but he did show everything as he added it and the bread looked pretty darn good when he took it out of the oven.

    2. I have just found this and would love to answer these questions.
      #1 You do not have to use dough enhance. Dough enhancer contains, Ascorbic acid- (Vitamin C, helps the amino acids link, which lessens the likelihood of crumbling when cutting the loaf) whey, tofu, soy lecithin, sea salt, yeast, vitamin C, and a little cornstarch, all natural ingredients that enhance your bread. I believe your bread will rise higher, be less crumbly and softer with dough enhancer. That being said, if you have grain with 15% protein or higher, your loaves would turn our wonderfully.

      #2 After reviewing my video again and it appears to me that in my editing I must have cut the honey addition out. Yeast feeds off of sugar, therefore you can use any kind of sweetener so the the fermentation process will flourish. My sweetener of choice has always been honey. I believe honey is a better choice than refined sugars.

      #3 The amount of vital wheat gluten varies depending on the content of inherent gluten in your grain/flour. If you have a low protein grain/flour you will need more gluten. Protein in grain is the indicator to its gluten content or strength. The higher its protein level the stronger the gluten strands that cause bread to rise. For the softest 100% whole wheat bread, you will want to under flour it, meaning the less flour you can add the softer and lighter the bread will be. However, when you under flour bread dough you have diluted the gluten, often to the degree that it may fall while rising or cooking. and so I add extra gluten to adjust this issue.

      #4 White whole wheat flour? Do you mean you will grind hard white wheat? or do you mean you will buy white flour?
      White flour is wheat that has been milled and refined. All of the 26 vitamins and minerals as well as all 7 layers of insoluble fiber has been removed. Then synthetic vitamins, Riboflavin, thymine, and niacin are added as well as one mineral, iron. In commercially produced wheat flour it is the same except about 18% of the fiber is add back into the flour. Best option for the health conscious baker: a home flour mill. We love the Nutrimill Grain Mill.

      I hope this helps. Thank you for watching my videos!

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      1. re: bobhair

        Thanks so much for your detailed reply, Bob! I have a bad cold today, so can't concentrate--will read with more attention tomorrow. Just wanted to say that the white whole wheat flour is this kind of thing:

        I've really been enjoying making bread with this mixer--but have wanted to give your bread another try as my first one didn't work so well.