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Mar 2, 2013 11:31 AM

The Fresh Market - Favorite Products You Have Tried

We shop at The Fresh Market quite frequently (most stores are located in the East Coast I believe but are rapidly expanding on the West Coast as well) and have accumulated some favorites that we buy there quite often. We can vouch for these:

Garlic Butter and Thyme flavored Rotisserie Chicken - the best flavor that we have tried out of all of them
Fresh Squeezed Tangerine Juice - good value for the price and very refreshing
Fresh Baked French Baguette - out of this world, especially when you get them right after they take them out of the oven - esp. with Kerrygold Unsalted Butter spreaded on a warm slice!
Ground Lamb - our store grinds up pieces of the leg of lamb and the taste is incredible, much less fat running throughout than other stores which normally grind up lamb shoulder
Old Fashioned Apple Pie - a steal when on sale (which is often!) at 5.99 per pie and tastes homemade
San Pelligrino Aranciata Sparkling Orange Beverage - 6 pk. cans were on sale for an incredible price of 3.99!

What products from there have you liked and would purchase again?

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  1. Love the grind your own peanut butter, colossal cupcakes, garlic knots, and Trader's Point Creamery products that are local.

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      Yes - totally forgot about their fantastic cupcakes! In the springtime usually from March to May they sell strawberry cupcakes with strawberry icing - some of the best cupcakes I have ever had. Their yellow cupcakes with chocolate icing are great as well.

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        I love those strawberry cupcakes!!!!!

    2. Pita bread from the bakery- probably wouldn't be a top 5 pick in some of the other places I've lived, but it's the best I can find around here

      English toastng bread- our go-to all purpose white bread

      boneless chicken breasts- nicely trimmed and seem to hit a good spot on the price-performance scale, especially when they're on the 2-for-1 Tuesdays monthly list

      house blend decaf coffee- I supertaste bitter, and this is one of the few coffees I don't have to add an insane amount of sugar to in order to even hit tolerable

      store brand ice cream- nice short ingredient list, good flavor

      store brand coconut water- currently $3.50 a liter compared to $5 a liter for name brands

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        We like their Fresh Market blend (I am assuming this is the same as the house blend - not sure) and also really love how their coffee sample station usually contains three different kinds to try - a regular, a decaf, and a flavored coffee. Perfect for someone like me who likes to mix a little flavored coffee sometimes into my regular kind.

      2. Fresh strawberries 3 packs for 10 dollars were quite good- what I am assuming are the first pick of the season. Nice to finally have decent fresh strawberries instead of relying on frozen ones throughout the winter!!

        1. Interesting to read so many positives. They opened one near me about a year/year and half ago and I have been disappointed with them since day one. I think the last time I went in it was 6 months ago. Prices were very high compared to other local markets, ready made food was salty yet bland. Their bakery items (bread, rolls) developed mold within a day of purchase. Produce was hit and miss.

          So disappointing as I was very excited about their opening as it was much closer to work than WF and was much bigger than our local speciality market. Word on the street is that they may be going out that center soon.

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          1. re: foodieX2

            As with just about any store, there's going to be some hits and some misses - that is why I originally posted this topic, to see what people's favorite products are to give me and everyone else who does like to shop there some ideas on different products to try! I'm sorry to hear you didn't really enjoy shopping there, but do hope that those who do will post some of their Fresh Market favorite foods to buy.

          2. I have unfortunately moved to away from any Fresh Markets, so my opinions are 3 years old.

            I used to LOVE their refrigerated soups. I seriously miss them and have tried to duplicate them! There was a tomato basil that was like fresh tomatoes cooked down a bit with real leaves of basil running through and a hint of olive oil. They also did a similar vegetable soup, with the same type of cooked from fresh tomatoes, with all sorts of other garden veggies. It was so yummy and fresh and healthy (low in calories). The other varieties were also really good.

            I also liked their rotisserie chickens. I remember them doing other rotisserie items too that were of similar good quality - like ribs, turkey legs and breasts, other meats. Their prepared hot foods were also pretty good if you ever need a quick dinner to go - mashed potatoes etc.