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Mar 2, 2013 11:07 AM

march 3rd lunch - columbus ave high 70's (nyc)

going to check out columbus ave flea market, was looking for any rec's for lunch/brunch in the area, a few block stroll would be fine, but only want to park car once. thanks for the advice.

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  1. There will likely be lines at most places on a Sunday, unless you go early, but:

    Good Enough to Eat: Amsterdam and 83
    Nice Matin: 79 and Amsterdam
    Simply Oliver: 82 and Amst, I think.
    Fred's: Amsterdam and 83

    or, if you don't mind eating non-typical brunch food

    Canteen (Chinese with some Thai influence) Columbus and 83.
    Momoya (Japanese, mostly sushi) 82 and Amst.
    AG Kitchen (Cuban): Columbus and 74
    More high end:
    Atlantic Grill (seafood).

    1. Caffe Storico at the New York Historical Society CPW between 76th and 77th has a lovely brunch. You can enter through the side of the Museum or go right up front steps.

      1. Walking in NY is a breeze.
        La Boite en Bois at 68th & Columbus is a little French walk-down with very few tables so they are close together.
        Many people who have shows or opera at Lincoln Center frequent this little charmer.
        It is not pricy as NY restaurants go.
        It was also featured on Seinfeld.

        1. Isabella's is right across from there. Also, Gazala's if you like Middle Eastern (78th)

          1. You may already have made plans but Ocean Grill is a couple of blocks away on Columbus, a sister of Isabella's, but it takes reservations. Very good, very reasonable brunch with nice service and ambiance.