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Mar 2, 2013 10:47 AM

small plates/early dinner at the bar in Kendall Sq?

Hoping for some last minute suggestions for a (somewhat) early, maybe 615ish dinner in Kendall Sq. I know there are lots of new spots there, but I'm reading all kinds of mixed reviews, so can't seem to narrow it down. Area Four? West Bridge? I actually have a rez at Foundry on Elm but we're trying to make an 8pm movie so I think it'll be tough to get from one neighborhood to another and have a relaxing dinner. We're fine w eating at the bar. We like small plates/apps or would be fine with entrees. A great beer selection is a plus. Where could we walk in at 615, get a seat, enjoy a good energy and even better food, TONIGHT?? Help! Thanks in advance.

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