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Mar 2, 2013 10:16 AM

Craw(cray)fish Anyone?

So my husband wants to go get crawfish for his birthday tomorrow (of course he does, he always does). We seem to live at the Craw fish shack, which we love dearly, but I'm wondering if there is somewhere else we should be looking at for crawfish. I personally can't stand them but am willing to take one for the team since it's his birthday. Any suggestions? We live in North Austin but we can go anywhere.

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  1. stuffed cajun meat market. Pretty sure they will have crawfish tomorrow, but call to make sure.

    1. Louisiana Longhorn in Round Rock

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        The LLC, do they do crawfish boils or just fried?

      2. Sam's Boat

        Lucy's Retired Surfer bar does them on the weekends for $5/lb.

        Lustre Pearl is having more boils on March 31st and 2 in April. Also $5/lb and catered by the Austin Crawfish Company.

        Quality Seafood also has them now

        1. Thanks ya'll. I still don't understand the appeal (peel) but hubby wants what he wants.