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Mar 2, 2013 09:46 AM

Vegetarian + lactose intolerant in Paris?

A friend of mine will be visiting me in Paris in a few weeks. She's vegetarian, and in addition lactose intolerant (she can have a tiny amount of dairy occasionally). Any recommendations?

If possible, I'd like a range of types of restaurants and price ranges. We certainly won't be dining at fancy places every day of the week, but we might have the chance to hit one or two, so suggestions are welcome for those as well.

(Bonus question: what should my friend spend her tiny amount of dairy on? For example, if you could only have one bite of one cheese, available in Paris, which would you choose?)

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    1. am watching your post as well. Tricky to find vegetarian Restaurant s in Paris

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        Not tricky at all. See the link I posted, dozens of choices.

      2. Cafe Ginger in Rue Jacques Coeur near Bastille is only open a couple of days a week and only at lunch time......but has really good, interesting salads and great quiches.

        1. If only a vegetarian and not vegan and if able to sit in a restaurant that serves non vegetarian dishes, I do not see how this is so much of an issue. I'll assume not a pescatarian but is absolutely any animal related ingredient an issue(say stock)?
          That makes a great difference.
          But I would guess there is couscous at the famous spots and Pierre Gagnaire has a massive veggie tasting. See that spans quite a range, no?

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            Gagnaire or Passard @ L'Arp├Ęge ?

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              Passard, yes, you are absolutely correct. Thank you for finding and correcting. My apologies for brain fog. Perhaps I was musing about another post on Gagnaire but that is no excuse.