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Mar 2, 2013 07:23 AM

One day in NO- breakfast, lunch and 2 dinners?

Breakfast- Stanley!, Brennan's, Luke, other suggestions?

Lunch- Mr B or Johnny's

Dinner (we want traditional NO) - CP, Arnauds, Galatories, Antoines
Which two are the best food and best for anniversary dinner??

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  1. I'd have breakfast at Stanley!, take a long, winding walk, head to Mr. B's for gumbo, take a nap, proceed to Arnaud's bar for a French 75, then feast on Creole favorites. Since you're in the FQ, my 2nd choice of these would be Galatoire's. A 3rd to consider, more for romance than food, is Broussard's. Also, for a drink before or after, maybe hit Patrick's Bar Vin, also in the FQ. Have fun!

    1. For your anniversary dinner, I would suggest CP as the most romantic space (and great food as well). Be sure to let the restaurant know the occasion when placing the reservation, and they will add a special touch or two.

      For the other dinner: Arnaud's or Galatoire's

      Lunch: Mr. B's (Gumbo Ya Ya and/or BBQ shrimp)

      Breakfast: Stanley is a good pick. Others include Atchafalaya in the Irish Channel and Elizabeth's in Bywater.