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Mar 2, 2013 05:33 AM

Restaurants in London City / Canary Wharf

Any ideas for a restaurant with relaxed ambiance, mid price in City area or Canary Wharf. Staying in Limehouse and need a non business type good eaterie.

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  1. I can't give a specific recommendation for non-business type places but there are quite a few restaurants around Westferry Circus on the waterfront that are close by and a concentration of places in the corporate center.

    My company has an office in Canary and had to stay in that area a few mos, back. The one thing I noticed is that almost all the restaurants in that area are corporate upmarket chain style restaurants very similar in the US to higher end chain restaurants like Morton's.

    I was hosted at Caminos and Gaucho? once for dinner and a lunch. Caminos is Spanish tapas and Gaucho an Argentine steakhouse. Sorry, I don't remember the dishes that were ordered because my group ordered so many at Caminos but I def. had a good time and wouldnt hesitate to return.

    Gaucho is an Argentine steakhouse which I thought was pretty good. I actually ordered the one fish and clam dish on the menu which I really enjoyed and shared a rib eye with the table. A lot of the steaks were marinated that i noticed which differs from American steakhouses.

    There was a Chinese restaurant called Royal China that is supposed to be really good but I didn't get to try it.

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      Gaucho is a small chain, mainly located in the London area. They have a couple of places outside the capital - including one in Manchester. That's where I go, when I want a decent steak (which, I have to say, is not often)

    2. OK thanks for the info _ I am getting the feeling that anywhere near Canary Wharf is all corporate which we want to avoid like the plague. So looking thru other Chow discussions, it seems Tayyabs gets the thumbs up and Antico of Bermondsey St - both in reasonable distance from Limehouse. But I am wondering whether Tayyabs is bog standard Indian but on a good standard or is it rather special?? Any comments on these two or other Bermondsey/East London eateries (£45 - £50 per person) Thanks for all your help

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        It is better than bog standard. Far superior to your high street curry house.

        That said, IMO, it is not "special" in the way that, say, Moti Mahal is special to my mind.

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          check this site out for sichuan kitchen reviews, which is near the all saints dlr stop - very close to you.

        2. Thanks for the info - have booked into Tayyabs