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Mar 2, 2013 04:42 AM

Our list

This is our list for our upcoming trip. We've been to NOLA many times now, and have been to: CP for lunch, NOLA, Herbsaint several times (among our faves), Coops for fried chicken, Lilette, Brigsten's, Root, Irene's, Cafe Reconcile, Dante's, GW, Roosevelt for sazerac, Napolean for Pimm's ... as you can see, we cover the spectrum, from downhome cookin' to high end gourmet.

Anything you'd take off the list and replace w/ something else? We have a car. We also realize that we won't honor 1 or 2 of these - we always need a break from the richness & need some simpler fare about 1/2way through. Thanks for your suggestions!

Coquette, Sat, 6:30 PM for 2
Arnaud's, Mon, 6:00 PM for 2
La Petite Grocery, Tues, 6:00 PM for 2
Domenica, Wednesday, 6:00 PM for 2
Restaurant August, Thurs 12:00 PM
Herbsaint, Thurs 7:30 PM

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  1. It’s a good list. A nice variety of locations and food choices. Haven’t been to Arnaud’s in ages, but it seems to be popping up on lists a lot lately. Report back after the trip and let us know how everything was.

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      We stayed in the FM on Pauger, 10 minutes from Frenchman St. Hubby was sick for the week & had no appetite, so we changed out all of the choices originally made. We tried Maurepas & loved it so much we went twice. Still craving the beets. OMG. Split a fried chicken dinner @Coops & also at Willie Mae's. Both excellent. Went to Cafe Amelie & EAT at the suggestion of the apartment hosts and both were very good. Had 2 small plates at Amelie (crab cake & shrimp & grits) and split a molten chocolate cake for dessert. Each had a wonderful egg dish at EAT for breakfast. Hopefully hubby will be back to normal here soon & the next time we go, we'll follow our list! But we still ate well, there's no doubt about that.

    2. That's as good a list as I can imagine! Looks like you left some "slack" in the schedule for breathers and more casual or spontaneous choices. Enjoy eating so well!

        1. So long as you have made reservations, that sounds like a great plan.



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              Many omit the reservations, assuming that NOLA is always available, over all restaurants, and times.

              I book about 3-4 mos. out, just to be sure.

              Enjoy, and travel safely,