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Mar 1, 2013 09:01 PM

Equivalent to Chicago's Handle Bar? Vegan, Southern Diner, Bar, Patio?

I know I'll get a lot of flack for this, that I should just forget about the past and explore more and more new things, which I agree ... but sometimes a food/bar hangout is so comforting you just gotta know if there's something like it!

Any Chicagoans in Los Angeles who know a place like the Handle Bar?
It is an easy-going diner-type restaurant and bar with a great patio, draft selection, margaritas, and healthy/vegan offerings – faux-chicken wraps, chili cheese fries, seitan burgers, southern greens (plus a bicycle-enthusiast clientele).

I loved being there and felt like I could hang for hours without spending too much. Any ideas for a replacement spot in LA?

Again, sorry! I'm ashamed I'm even looking for it!

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  1. Yup, know the Handlebar. Used to walk by to/fro the blue line stop. It was all about hipster bikers and my bike was such an uncool POS I never dared lock up in front.

    If you googled, you'd know Mohawk Bend is exactly the place -- supports cyclists (sells cycling jerseys), serve drafts from its own sister brewery, vegan offerings, in a uber hip part of town. The Golden Road, Mohawk's sister brewery/tap room, serves up the same vibe, in a less trendy part of town.

    And yes, it's a bit maddening anyone'd look for place like this in LA. How about finding a replacement for Uncle Joe's, Uncle John's, or Harold's Chicken.

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    1. re: TonyC

      Think we had different experiences at the handle bar. It was more of a relaxing joint and not a night-on-the town hipster mixology club like Mohawk. Most the bikes I saw there were frankenstein solders, $40 from the working bikes co-op south of pilsen, ya know, that charity that provides bicycles to Africa and Central America. But hey, this isn't an argument on what a hipster is – as we probably have different perspectives on that too.

      Tony's Darts Away maybe seemed closer, but they don't have a patio (I don't think.) I'd encourage you to find your replacement for your comfort spots if they are Harold's Chicken, etc. I'm sure you'd have a fun time checking them out and comparing, and maybe being blown away.

      1. re: byrdiblack

        tony's does have a few tables outside.

        the pub at golden road brewery has a nice patio and is very cyclist-friendly.

    2. Never heard of Handle Bar, but the post jumped out at me when I saw 'vegan' and 'bar'. Tony's Darts (or Darts away?) in Burbank. Nice little bar with great vegan bar food. I had a beer brat there a whie ago. Found it very tasty and inexpensive.