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Mar 1, 2013 07:37 PM

Cafe De Mexico-Sherman Oaks

Just returned from this new Mexican spot in Sherman Oaks, it was amazing! They would get a 10 rating from me if the pricing was lower, for taste a 10. I'm paying 3 times the amount for a taco just it's the closest thing that reminded me of the fresh carved Al Pastor off the spit in Tijuana. I also tried a fish taco, see both photos and the quality & food was outstanding. I shall return!

12918 Riverside Drive
by coldwater

Next to Mazzarino's Italian (See photos)

-Al Pastor (pork tacos)
-Fish Tacos

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  1. This is the place across from WFMarket that used to be a dessert(ish) shop that had no clue, correct?!
    sure hope they do a good job with tacos, because they most surely knew nada about desserts, and their people skills left a bit to be desired as well.

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    1. re: carter

      Exactly, same spot that failed as a dessert shop. Now as Cafe de Mexico it's now in my Top 3 favorite tacos for the Valley. Just paying $2.75 for one taco and more for the fish is a bit pricey. They do have $2.00 taco pricing from 3-6pm weekdays. I shall return.

      1. re: Hypnotic23

        Who else is in your top 3? I'm a recent immigrant to the valley, and am looking for the best places. Metro Balderas is the only one in my area (Northridge). Apart from tacquerias, are there any sit down places serving good, traditional food (moles, etc)?

        1. re: MarkC

          Have you road (taste) tested any of the Las Fuentas family of Mexican restaurants? or the cemitas poblanas at Don Adrian on Victory at Kester?

          1. re: Servorg

            Hi Servorg;

            I tried the one in Northridge. Food was good, but a bit "gringo-ized", if you'll forgive the expression. Don Adrian definitely sounds like it's worth a try. Thanks!

          2. re: MarkC

            My Top 3 are:

            Casita Taco Al Carbon
            (818) 508-8118

            Fast Taco
            (818) 700-9491

            El Tapatio
            (818) 883-6142

            now Cafe De Mexico is climbing in fast!



            1. re: Hypnotic23

              They're on the radar screen now. Thanks!

              1. re: Hypnotic23

                Thanks for these! I just moved to the valley from Hollywood and have been looking for new places. Casita Taco Al Carbon has been on my list to try...

              2. re: MarkC

                Unfortunately the best, Carlo's, closed down a few years ago. Their chili verde was superb. The best 'sit-down' Mexican I've found is Que Rico on Victory just west of Coldwater. I judge their authenticity by the varieties of meat they have that most places don't. They have cabeza, bouche, etc. My favorite there is the tripas.

          3. ok, i'll bite.
            what was the pricing?

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            1. re: westsidegal

              Someone posted a photo of the menu over on Yelp and I can see that the burritos are $9.95 and the tacos are either $2.50 (vegetarian) or $2.75 (meat) and it looked like $3.50 for fish (it was a little hard to make out for my old eyes).

            2. Been once. Makes the pricing at loteria seem like a bargain. The burrito I had was ok. Just wasn't thrilled at spending $20 for a breakfast burrito and coffee.

              1. So... This is on the same corner as Hugo's Tacos?

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                1. What was the dessert cafe concept that was here before ?

                  Was it a tasting menu of dessserts concept ?