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Mar 1, 2013 06:48 PM

Old Town Scottsdale Ale Trail

I have visited Phoenix/Scottsdale twice in the last 4 years but am not overly familiar with the city and its goings-on. That being said, I NEED HELP! A group of us (10 upstanding gentlemen) are coming down for a bachelor party of sorts and have tickets for the 1:05pm Giants game on Fri Mar 15. I am looking for advice in trying to organize a scavenger-hunt of sorts involving booze/food/landmarks in the vicinity of Scottsdale Stadium for after the game. The premise would be that our group is broken up into teams and given an allotted time to complete as many items from a checklist as possible. No driving, obviously, but between the shuttles/golf carts/fleet feet, I think we can cover some decent ground. I am aware of places like Gilligan's, the Salty Senorita and the little park with the LOVE sculpture to get me started, but need some other locales to have guys go. The groups will have disposable cameras to document the events and prove what they are doing, so pictures with local landmarks, celebrity bartenders, gross bathrooms, drinking out of cowboy boots, etc are what I am thinking of. Any/all opinions, thoughts and suggestions are welcome! Thank you so much.

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  1. There's a cute and unique little mini mini bus in front of Brat Haus that would be photo worthy. And inside of course are great beers and my favorite pretzel too.

    Next door is the former (now vacant) shooting supply store whose dilapidated, and oddly funny, sign of a teddy bear holding a machine gun remains. Another unique photo op you won't find elsewhere.

    You should do something at the Rusty Spur Saloon. Maybe catch a ride on the Scottsdale Trolley. Sounds like a fun afternoon!

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      These places sound awesome! I really like the teddy bear with a machine gun. To elaborate a little further, I plan on having a checklist with various photo ops grouped by points (1 pt - picture with someone wearing a cowboy hat; 25 pts - picture of group members with mini mini bus; 1000 pts - picture of group member in back of police car (not actually being arrested), etc etc. Any/all ideas are welcome. Thank you so much!

    2. Mable on Main and Citizen Public House for cocktails

      Brat Haus i believe has a good beer list (have not been) also would recommend praying monk for a good beer list - some divey-ish places you should not miss are Coach House (landmark bar)

      windlowless dive bar called tallyho cocktails i believe has recently updated to golden tee 2008 and everyone there has a mustache - might want to get a picture with one of the grandma like bartenders and the jaeger machine - or get a tshirt i dont know

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        Thanks! I suppose that this "trail" could be expanded to include more of Scottsdale. Any advice on locations that are a suitable walking distance/trolley/cab from the stadium? I am trying to find things through internet searches, but that can only provide so many possibilities.

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          Brat Haus might have good beers, but the actual brats it's named after are lousy IMO.

        2. I'd recommend a pic at Dos Gringos on Craftsman Court in front of their "day drinking" sign.

          1. I was just in Old Town for dinner. I read your post earlier, but needed some time to think about suggestions.

            I took visiting family down there last week. We saw one of those painted poser guys who was in a bronze statue costume. He looked SOOOO freaking real I didn't even notice that he was a person. My Dad realized it after we had past. When we went back he was gone. He was sitting on a bench on Brown and Main (in the heart of Old Town) but he does move around. It would be a great photo op (albeit not about food or drink). It should be worth some points, too, as there is no guarantee that he will be spotted. Although, he should be around for a Friday spring training game.

            Also, my favorite place for a perfect cocktail is at AZ88. It's in the Scottsdale Mall area close to where the LOVE statue is.

            Have a great trip!

            1. The Rusty Spur, which was mentioned, was the first thing I thought of...that definitely should be worked in. The Sugar Bowl, which is an iconic pink ice cream parlor in Old Town (and was a favorite of the creator of Family Circus) should also be in the mix. Another interesting spot is the Valley Ho hotel which has a cool retro look (and a pretty good restaurant and bar, Cafe Zuzu). Oh, and another nearby dive bar worth working in is The Coach House, which is well known for its year-round Christmas lights.