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Mar 1, 2013 06:43 PM

Best Grill Pan?

I know that this has been discussed before, but I am looking for a more updated review. I am looking to buy a double burner grill. The one I am really considering is the All Clad one, is looks like it is easy to use and cleans up easy. One drawback I see with it is the handles, buy I guess I could find someplace for it if it is really good. I know alot of people like the Lodge, but for some reason I have not had good luck with them, probably not doing it right The Lodge is half the price of the All Clad.
What are your thoughts on this one and on all of the double burner grills. Thanks.

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  1. Hi, paprkutr:

    Why are you focused on a double? Unless you are already cooking on a solid-top, the whole grill is not going to come up to temp (unless you find a 6mm aluminum or 3mm copper grill). I would get a single one that fits your largest hob *exactly*. If you really like it, and you must cook more than 2 steaks at a time, get another one.

    Frankly, I'd go with the cheapest one you can find in CI and spend the difference on something that matters more.


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    1. re: kaleokahu

      Hi Kaleo,

      I have to agree about the heat not being even. A double sided, double burner cast iron one came with our rangetop. Tried to do pancakes when the grandkids were here and one end burned while the other end was barely cooked. This was the first pass with the thing and the two hobs that it spaned were not the same BTUs so it was difficult to even them out. Plus there was a cool spot in the middle between the two hobs. It has more or less been sitting the bench ever since. Replaced by a single cast aluminum griddle.

    2. Are you talking about this one?

      This is basically hard anodized aluminum pan with a nonstick coating. It should work fine. Compare to Lodge cast iron grill, you will get better heat response and better temperature evenness across the All Clad. However, All Clad one will not able to be used for high heat due to the Teflon coating.

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      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

        The Lodge that Chem put in the link for on amazon is the one I'd buy if I were to do it again. Multi-purpose, easy to store. And about a third of the price of the AC. I've been shopping for a new cooktop and burner placement is one of my deal breakers, absolutely because of my double burner CI pan!

        1. re: blaireso

          Yes, Lodge is great too. You have to be careful to have all the meat at room temperature and preheat the grill so it won't stick. :) I was a novice when I used the Lodge and I burned everything! My LC cleanup is so fast and easy now, I'm spoiled. But if you know how to handle your Lodge it should be perfect. :)

      2. My solution was FOUR large crepe pans to fit each burner. I can do FOUR pancakes or FOUR steaks at the same time with even heat.

        Get the 3mm thick versions and preheat them good and pancakes and steaks will come out great.

        1. I'm a thrift store and yard sale person. Found a Lodge 2-burner grill/griddle for a few bucks... looked like barely/rarely used. On gas stove, found there were definitely TWO hot spots and rest of surface not quite the same, even with good long preheating. Gonna give it to my sister... realized just wasn't using it very much... too much surface area when cooking for one!?!

          Have a LeCreuset, square grill pan... blue enamel outside, plain CI inside. Found it at Good Will for FIVE DOLLARS... exterior in PERFECT condition and only minor clean-up needed on interior. It's a nice pan!

          1. Hi Paprkutr

            I have an All Clad double grill, maybe I have used it twice in the 2 years I have had it. I find it to large for my needs (only 2 of us) and its a pain to store. Lucky for me I bought it for eight dollers at a thrift store, so its not much of a loss. I would buy a small single burner one .