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Mar 1, 2013 06:24 PM

Dungeness crabs

What fish market sells Dungeness crabs in
metro Boston?

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  1. Many markets in Chinatown carry them alive in tanks cmart? in the parking garage across from the main gate had them last time I looked, maybe all their stores do. I have to believe that the seafood store near best little restaurant (hudson), sun sun on oxford as well, coscto sell them frozen when they have their seafood market about once a month.

    1. James Hook has them and I think I saw some in the window on ice the last time I was at New Deal.

      I used to buy them at the 88 but stopped about a year before they spiraled out. I don't know if the new place carries them.

      A search will be on my next Chinatown visit.


      1. Dungeness is a west coast crab. You don't want to buy them in Boston. Here you can get stone crabs or blue crabs (sometimes). Blue crab is closest to dungeness in flavor, but they aren't easy to find. Stone crabs are plentiful and cheap.

        1. East Ocean City in Ctown had them in the tank

          1. As lc noted, not unusual to find them in Chinese markets, as they are quite popular, so I'd check there first if it's convenient. Always in the live tanks.