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Mar 1, 2013 05:05 PM

Avenue Edmonton 25 Best Things to Eat

Linked here:

The list places chef Gail Hall and CBC radio restaurant reviewer Twyla Campbell favourite things to eat in Edmonton each year.

Just wondering what chowhounds thought of last year's list and ideas of what deserves to go on this years.

Personally, I disagree with Ouzia's Patata's Bravas as a pick. The patatas bravas was 3 baby potatoes cut in half and pan fried. But nothing exceptional enough to be on the 25 best, especially for the price.

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  1. I love my coffee and all, but really...the Coxinha from Transcend.

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    1. re: raidar

      I've never had food there, but now I'll have to try them.

      1. re: jibberjabberwocky

        Better try it sooner than later. They won't be producing their food offerings much longer.

        "The closure (of Transcend Jasper) means that the food items (produced out of the Argyll cafe and served in all three locations) will be discontinued."

    2. I REALLY need to go to Tres Carnales next time I visit, those fish tacos look to die for.

      1. It looks like they went with categorized "Best" lists this year only and skipped the 25 best things list. A best list compiled by several writers would show less personal bias than the 25 best lists of years gone past, so I don't think the end of the 25 best list from 1-2 writers is a bad thing. I thought a lot of the past choices were questionable.