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Mar 1, 2013 03:24 PM

Le Creuset's fry pan v all clad fry pan

So I'm in the market to upgrade my cookwear, I went to the bay to compare to two and they seem both well constructed. Both seemed well made and durable, the only different was the handle.

What's is your input on these two makers of pans?

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    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

      Yes, just the stainless not the non stick

    2. The Demeyere Proline/Atlantis is well worth the $150/200 I paid for my mine (medium size/large size).

      I have used most of the other popular options and would have been dollars ahead to go with Demeyere from the start.

      1. I can't speak on quality, but if it makes a difference to you, AC is made in the US, while LC stainless steel cookware is made in China.

        Good luck, and hope you enjoy whichever pan you choose.

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        1. re: erichalias

          Kinda liking the made in America with AC Evan thought I live in Canada

          1. re: ukjason

            Aside from the weird and possibly painful handles, All Clad has a much better reputation. Le Creuset may have a good reputation in enameled cast iron cookware, but it is new to this stainless steel-aluminum cookware. It is one thing if the Le Creuset stainless steel cladded cookware are inexpensive, but they are not. So I am leaning toward All Clad as long as you are ok with the handles.