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Mar 1, 2013 02:25 PM

90th birthday dinner, sat night in March

Ideas needed for a 90th birthday dinner for a very young gal. 15 family members with 1 baby. Somewhere in or between Essex and Bergen Counties. Dont want a private room, yet a bit of breathing space for the baby would be helpful.

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  1. My favorite place for a gathering of this size is Stamna Greek Taverna, technically in Bloomfield, but right on the Montclair border.

    A mile straight in off the Parkway (exit 151). Bustling, so the baby isn't an issue. Back room that isn't fully private, but you'll feel like you have your own space. No stairs to deal with if you come in the front door. Prices INSANELY low, and they are just LOVELY to work with. The Greek culture certainly embraces family gatherings for any reason!

    That's the reservation I'd make....