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Mar 1, 2013 02:09 PM

buffet or cafeteria style

Looking for a buffet style restaurant, and not the Mandarin or Asian- is there anything else in the GTA area -My elderly aunt (old school) doesnt eat chinese food.

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  1. Tucker's Marketplace is probably a safe bet. The food is decent (by buffet standards at least), and it's definitely safe for people with more conservative tastes.

    1. Hot House Cafe or Free Times on Sundays.

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        I wouldn't dismiss the Mandarin chain, or similar Asian-style buffets, too quickly. Though there's a definite Asian-style slant to them, a diner can do quite nicely picking and choosing from among the non-Asian offerings. An elderly cousin of mine, who also doesn't particularly care for Chinese dishes, is partial to Dragon Pearl, a large buffet slightly upscale from the Mandarin chain. (It's on York Mills Rd. between Leslie and Don Mills Rd.) She goes for the salad bar, then moves on to the section that features freshly-carved roast beef (tasty), mashed potatoes and other traditional non-Asian buffet dishes. Finally, for dessert, she dives into the fruit platters, pastries, and maybe some ice cream. A zesty appetite for an 83-year-old. Never touches the Asian dishes, though some are pretty good (for a buffet), as I've discovered. I'm sure the Mandarin chain has similar non-Asian dishes on offer for picky buffet browsers. After all, the whole point of a buffet is to cast a wide net for diners of all descriptions. There's a 20% seniors discount at most of these places.

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          I was in a Mandarin for lunch this week after a lapse of many years. They have aged well and broadened their Western offerings to include Boston Clam Chowder, Baked Boneless Salmon Fillet (very popular that day) and all the items Juno mentions. At $10.50 with the senior's discount I doubt you could find a much better value. Not surprisingly, they were very busy which is the foundation of buffet management.

      2. so are you basically looking for an old fashioned english carvery or smorgasbord? because there are a lot of decent buffets that don't serve chinese food (i'm thinking south asian here)

        1. Thanks for the replies. I am thinking the most conveniet place is the Mandarin . Unfortunately, Tuckersplace closed down in Scarborough, and I heard of Sisters on Kingston Rd may be an option also.

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            sisters also closed down after some 50 odd years

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              Damn, I'll miss Sister's, but it did go way downhill once it was bought out

          2. My boss takes us to the Mandarin about 4-5x a year. I can confirm they have prime rib, mashed potatoes, yorkshire pudding, pizza, several pasta dishes, baked salmon, a variety of non-asian type vegetables, and all the desserts are basically "Canadian". Sometimes they also have a ham which they carve for you as well. My co-worker, who also does not eat Asian food,feeds herself quite nicely with these selections.