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Mar 1, 2013 01:17 PM

Best asian takeout in bayside area?

in bayside on fridays, and looking for takeout, chinese, thai, or japanese (vegetarian sushi only) places....what is good and clean in the area? anything in the area of QCC or westward of there towards clearview--and not too far off of francis lewis heading towards whitestone would be ok, too.

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    1. There's a restaurant on Utopia Parkway (across the street from Utopia bagels) called Red Chop that has Sichuan Chinese and a Sushi bar. This place is really very good, despite being the 100th or so Chinese/Japanese/fusiony place in that spot over the last 30+ years. I grew up around the corner and have tried quite a lot of them. That spot seems to be cursed! But I promise this place is the best of them, and I believe very clean too (A rating I think). If you find any other gems please spread the word.

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        I agree. Sushi platters are always fresh. Try a Party Tray

      2. Not many good Chinese restaurants in that neck of the woods, but here's two to consider:

        Nan Bei Ho
        212-22 48th Ave
        Bayside, NY 11364

        Nan Bei Ho is a Taiwanese restaurant so stick with the Taiwanese dishes.

        184-02 Horace Harding Expy
        Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

        Mian has a limited menu but it's inexpensive and I've enjoyed everything I've tried there.

        There are also many Korean-Chinese restaurants in the area. I haven't tried them so I can't make a recommendation.

        My personal favorite for Thai is Bonne Saison on Bell Blvd. They also feature some French dishes.

        Bonne Saison
        40-04 Bell Blvd
        Bayside, NY 11361

        There's also a good Vietnamese restaurant in the neighborhood.

        Mekong East
        43 13 Bell Blvd
        Bayside, NY 11361