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Mar 1, 2013 01:06 PM

Restaurants with Good Beer Selections - Vancouver

My husband is a huge beer guy and I love good food. I've compiled the following list of restaurants that I'd love to try or revisit in the coming months. Any worthy additions to or comments appreciated.

- Portland Craft
- Biercraft
- Alibi Room
- Bitter
- Cascade
- Chambar
- Steamworks (for specific beers)

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  1. St Augustine's should be on that list.

      1. I'd add The Whip to the list. In terms of comments, with the exception of Chambar, I would say that most of the places listed are more about the beer than the food ... and Chambar can be inconsistent. When they're on, they're excellent. I've been meaning to try Portland Craft but haven't got to it yet... it looks pretty good.

        1. Alibi Room > Portland Craft > Biercraft > Bitter > Cascade

          Chambar has superlative food, great Belgian beers and excellent service (at least the times I've been there) but is quite expensive in comparison to the other places. I also feel Bitter is a bit expensive for what you get. Their beer snacks are great though, especially their scotch eggs and pork rinds...but their tap list is very small, and they have a large bottle list, but bottles are a ripoff in every bar/pub/restaurant in Vancouver.

          I love Portland Craft's "Put a Bird on It" fried chicken and their brunch-only biscuits and sausage gravy.