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Mar 1, 2013 12:33 PM

Ink tasting menu questions

Hi all,

Got friends coming into town and want to splurge on a fun meal. I have two questions about Ink's tasting menu:

1. Do they allow substitutions? One of our party does not eat pork.
2. What is the price nowadays for the tasting menu?

Thanks much!

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  1. Well I resolved question 2 (it's $85) but no one seems to answer the phone at Ink so I'm still stumped on question 1. Bueller?

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    1. re: fame da lupo

      Only eaten there once, just after they opened, so I can't be certain but if you call ahead I'm pretty certain sure they can make adjustments to suit dietary restrictions.

    2. Tip#1. We've had many great meals at Ink. The dishes are designed to be shared with 3 people, maybe 4 for some of the larger dishes. I recommend that you research the dishes and create your own tasting menu rather than leaving it to the kitchen.

      Tip#2. Ask that the dishes come out at a moderate pace. We eat much faster than most people and when we forget to as them to moderate the pace, the dishes come out too fast for us.

      Tip#3. Wines are somewhat pricey. Corkage is $25/bottle which is waived for each bottle that you buy. Consider bringing some of your own bottles.

      1. Update: Ink is currently not doing a tasting menu. MV wants to do a chef's table set-up and is building capital for this venture.