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Mar 1, 2013 12:03 PM

Too many Kalamata Olives. Seek ideas. Use or freeze?

Bought bulk in a re-usable container and still have most of 10 pounds.

Have found to remove olive pits hit hard with a flat knife then take pit out then chop as desired. CHOW has a good video of how I do it found after knowing:

Tapenade is great on bread, pita, crackers. While try not to eat so many carbs so also add to green salad, chicken salad, and eat on cooked chicken. A couple decent recipes are here: and while open to suggestions.

Good olives are a great addition to mayo (especially if homemade):

Olives are very tasty when mixed into whipped cream cheese.

Have been using in enchiladas, pizza, spaghetti, soft tacos, burritos, homemade bread, dip, sandwiches, dogs, sausage, burgers, and quiche.

Feel there has to be some sort of awesome caper, olive, and chicken main dish or salad but do not know it so seek. Also seems olives and fish or shrimp may work. Made up a version of chicken Marsala with way too many olives and was tasty.

Still seek more ideas to try.

Not sure how long kalamata olives last past the 'sell by' date. Barely putting a dent in them so far. Have been sure to not put my hands in them only clean utensils. Should I freeze in water if unable to eat for later (concerned would change texture of these gems of goodness)? Or ignore the sell by date, refrigerate, keep them clean, and consume with friends and family as do with pickles and capers?

Did a search here for a recent thread and could only find:

Needing more, thought would try to see if could gain timely information starting a new thread here on CHOW... Thank you in advance for any ideas or information on what you would do if had excess kalamata olives.

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  1. Make olive bread. I got the recipe from WF years ago but can't put my hands on it. Found this on line (you need to page down about half way) and it looks to be very close.

    Chicken breasts stuffed with chopped or sliced kalamatas and feta cheese is quite good. Pound the breast thin, layer with olives and cheese, roll up and secure with toothpicks. Dredge in flour, sear in an oiled hot pan. Lower the heat, add some white wine and butter, cover and let cook until the chicken is done. Remove the breast and cook the liquid down to make a sauce.

    I have successfully frozen olives I have bought at speciality markets deli counters, the ones that are seasoned and in oil. I use my vacu-sealer to get out as much air as possible

    1. Thasalottakalamatas! Love em, but no way can I come up with enough suggestions to help you use them up. Well, other than sharing. I have had some get an off-taste after a while. As to freezing, I don't know, but while you're waiting for an answer, freeze a few overnight. Thaw tomorrow and see what you think. And let us know.

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      1. re: MrsJonesey

        Good idea to test freeze a few. Will do and report back.

        1. re: smaki

          Now frozen about 24 hours. Will give it another day then defrost to compare to fresh. Here is a picture of kalamata olives frozen in water using a non-BPA 'snack' sized zip plastic bag:

          1. re: smaki

            Defrosted them last night and they are fine. I've learned if have too many can freeze olives in water for use later.

            1. re: smaki

              That is good news! Thanks for reporting back.

      2. This is a great recipe that uses 3/4 cup at time. You could probably add chicken to it successfully.

        I find it hard to believe the olives will go bad if they are in brine. They might get a bit mushy after a while, I guess. I did recently have some olives in oil and herbs go bad because the oil had leaked off and they got moldy (they were in the back of the fridge and I didn't notice right away).

        1. I like this Pasta Puttanesca recipe from The Silver Palate. I generally reduce the amount of olives, but since you have such a glut...go for it!

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          1. re: critter101

            I was going to suggest puttanesca as well. Although Joy of cooking uses oil cured and not kalamata it uses up a whole cup at a time.

          2. I like to brown pork chops and add white wine, olives, a squeeze of fresh orange, and a little grated orange rind.