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Mar 1, 2013 12:03 PM

Abbot Kinney Tonight

Any favorites on Abbot Kinney or close by other than Gjelina (service is too rude)?
Looking for dinner under $30 pre alcohol and dessert and not too loud.

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  1. Tonight is First Fridays - expect huge crowds x 2 due to great weather. Axe is at the north end of the street, so it may be less crowded. I'm ashamed to say that I haven't been in a while, moreover since Joanna Moore resurrected the place post-fire. Her food has always been solid and she sources things from the right places. This would be my first choice tonight.

    1. bulavinaka is right - everything on Abbot Kinney is going to be extra busy tonight. You might still be able to get a reservation at Hal's, but it's pretty loud. Or you could try going around the corner on Venice Blvd to Tlapazola Gril for Mexican.

      1. You might try Superba Snack Bar, just a few blocks away on Rose Ave.. Wonderful pastas and it won't be as crazy as Abbot Kinney will be tonight.

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          If they're willing to head over to Rose, there's also the new Hosteria del Piccolo.

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            Tried to hit up Superba last friday and it was too busy. Tonite? I'm betting it's even worse.

          2. Just to illustrate the "First Friday" concept on AK:


            1. How about the Galley on Main?