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Mar 1, 2013 11:32 AM

Rice cooker alchemy

I recently got a new rice cooker, and it seems to work well, although it takes an awfully long time. I only keep brown rice on hand, and the 'whole grain' setting for the cooker takes a full hour and forty minutes to cook the rice. I'm tempted to try cooking brown rice on the 'white rice' setting just to see what the difference of time and quality will be, but I'm afraid of experimenting with machinery I understand so poorly. Has anyone tried something like this? Will I just end up with undercooked rice, or will I unleash some Godzilla-like rice creature upon the earth?

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  1. my rice cooker doesn't have a different setting for brown rice. I use a 2:1 ratio water to rice and find that I have best results with at least 1.5 cups (the cup that came with my cooker that is). My brown rice takes about 30-45 mins depending on it being long or short grain (short seems to take longer).

    I would certainly try it out.

    1. I cook my white and brown rice at the same time and temp, either on the stove or in the oven, so I'd think it would be the same in the rice cooker. Maybe the "whole grain" setting is for literal whole grains, like wheat berries or whole oats?

      1. It's because it properly includes the presoak before cooking. That is why it takes so long.

        1. Brown rice/wild rice does take a long time. What I do to cut down on the cookin time is to place the rice and correct amount of water into the cooker and let it soak prior to turning it on.. Even a 20 minute soak will cut down on the cooking time substantially. (you could start soaking the rice in the morning before the work day and it would be much faster.)

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            What is the reason for soaking? I have always had fine results without soaking. But maybe I am missing something, maybe they would be even better!

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              You don't have to soak; for me it's just a time saving device. For us who eat rice every day, it's easier to get the rice cooker ready, say as you're leaving for work. My rice cooker timer works by setting the time you want the rice done, rather than when you want the cooker to start, but soaking works even when you cook rice on the stove top.

          2. < I'm afraid of experimenting with machinery I understand so poorly.>

            Go ahead. Worst comes worst, you will ruin the rice -- not the rice cooker.

            < Has anyone tried something like this? Will I just end up with undercooked rice, >

            I think I did that once, and it came out a bit undercooked. Keep in mind that different rice cooker works differently. I think some are just pure simple heat and time rice cooker -- no feed back. I believe mine has a temperature senor and adjust to the desire temperature for duration.