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Mar 1, 2013 10:52 AM

Wineries pour efforts into targeting younger drinkers

"American vintners are going after younger consumers to keep their industry growing as many of their best customers cut back as they near retirement age"
"With many of their best customers nearing retirement age and starting to cut back, American vintners are going after younger consumers in a bid to keep their $33-billion industry growing.

That means more irreverent labels, easy drinking wines, singles events and laid-back tastings — all aimed at demystifying the elite atmosphere surrounding wine while grooming the next generation of oenophiles.

It seems the article (and/or the industry) is equating "young" and "stupid".
I don't quite get it.

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  1. The recent "Club W" is an example of a startup trying to market in a similar manner. I agree RicRios - the approach is confusing. Certainly among yuppie twenty-somethings in urban areas being in the "know" is much more important than being "friendly" (or more accurately patronizing).

    I mean that's what Patron, Grey Goose etc., Belvedere etc. did

    Creating recognizable names and categories (for example more closely tying the name on the bottle with what the wine tastes like) does not mean a piglet needs to be on the bottle.

    But perhaps they have different demographics or ideas...

    1. I have felt on the "outside," for many commodities, and not just wine. I am outside the demographic profile for most. At some point, that is to be expected.

      Also, at my age, I am not likely to be buying a bunch of Bdx. futures, as I will not live long enough to age them. Same for Vintage Ports. Wine makers SHOULD look to others, and maybe do a Square-Bob Sponge Pants wine? Or, maybe Big Bird could become a spokesperson for them?

      I imagine that many wine labels will feature Manga characters, in the near future.


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      1. re: Bill Hunt

        Well, Bill -- think of the advantages: with Sponge-Bob, if you spill it, the bottle itself could help clean up the spill!