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Mar 1, 2013 10:23 AM


Had a fantasic dinner at Sirena which recently opened in the Pene Vino space on Beverly and Switzer. Totally redone with a great vibe and bar and the patio is maybe the nicest in town. Its owned by Peter Garland (Porto Villa), Sandy Gendel (chef at Pace) and Michael Sutton (the Lodge). Sirena is the best of all of them IMO.

We had the salmon pizza (outstanding), oysters, pasta with short rib (crazy good), lamb shank (very goood) and salmon (one of the nicest presentations I have seen). Deserts were winners too although I was so stuffed I just had a taste.

Its hard to see from the front on Beverly and most people seem to enter through the patio in the rear (like they did at Pene Vino). They had a good crowd but the service was attentive and the place was very lively without being too loud. I hope it does well as there are not many places like it.

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  1. I was just there and totally agree. Pastas are great and the atmosphere is wonderful. Salmon was a big winner and love the new patio.

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      Going again with a group tonight. Will report.

    2. What a cool place. Great scene, super food. Best lamb shank in town. Great buzz.