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Mar 1, 2013 10:11 AM

Jin Patisserie on Abbot Kinney Closing?

Oh, NOoooo!
Say it's not so.

In today's LA Times:

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  1. "She says at one point her landlord was seeking a tenant that could pay $40,000 a month."

    Wow that's brutal.

    1. Rents at Abbot Kinney are soaring, which is the reason the owner cited in her decision to abandon ship... Sad.

      1. Well, I like the glass-and-steel and other architectural moderns that are moving onto Abbot Kinney, but in losing the charm of Jin, we are losing much of the soul of this area.

        Jin's was like a green space in Tokyo...a natural refuge, a place to have lunch/sip tea, a place to be calm for a few minutes.

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        1. re: liu

          This fate has been a done deal since the landlord rested his finger on the "square" button for rent last September or October - this is insanity.

          1. re: liu

            Kristy said she's been actively looking for "the right space in the right location" for a while to no avail. She said that if she can't find a place by the time she gets pushed out, she will work out of a commercial kitchen to continue her online business, and more importantly, spend more time with her son - cute little chili padi of a guy...

            1. re: bulavinaka

              i vote for hermosa beach or the arts district. :)

          2. Just what Venice needs - another juice bar.


            I doubt that they're paying $40k/month for rent though.

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            1. re: cookie monster

              I agree, cookie monster!
              If they create a nice outside space -- with shade -- this might be a good stop in the Summertime. But when it gets cooler, I want Jin's tea!