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electric mud bbq

known this was in the cards for a minute, but i guess now the name is official and it opens on saturday apparently.

bbq spot in the former stampede space operated by the minds behind grand electric.

anyone have anymore info?

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  1. I like the name, I'm guessing it's named after the Muddy Waters record

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      Yup. Let's hope the food trumps the name for originality.

    2. What former stampede space? This is a BBQ joint from the same two dudes that run GE???

      If so I am immediately ridiculously excited.

        1. I also heard that they were opening up in the old Stampede Burger Place. But I haven't heard anything else. Should be interesting!!

          1. It's from the Grand Electric guys.

            Get real excited.

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              I know :) Hope it won't be too long before we hear some news.

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                It's weird though that there hasn't been more buzz since they're apparently opening on Saturday.

              2. it's good but it's not quite a 'real' bbq joint. i would say more bbq inspired

                still delicious though i'll try for a more detailed review later on

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                  Can you tell us what's on the menu?

                2. Corey Mintz at the Grid already has a write up. Not too many details on the food. But lots of photos of bourbon and beer taps.

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                    i remember at least the bbq and sides menu, there's another menu that i don't remember all of

                    ribs (as described by mintz, 3 to an order, i think 13.50, very good, had a nice bite and a good not overwhelming smoke flavour and a great sauce, kinda asian-y)
                    hot links (weakest point for me, not a very good texture on the sausage and not enough of it. served on a pimento cheese with some crispy something or other i think 8.50)
                    duck ham (delicious, duck breast treated like black forest ham and served with a chicken skin crisp and very quick pickled cucumber and some kinda sauce i think 13.50, really fucking delicious)
                    pork belly (3 chunks of pork belly, pretty standard, served with toasted white bread... rectangles on a mustard based sauce or maybe just mustard i don't really know, i think also in the 13.50 ballpark, very tasty oh and it came with a kinda half-sour pickle spear that was deadly, these fools apparently have pickling on lock haha)
                    slaw (very good nontraditional vinegar based with again a kind of asian influence i think)
                    peanuts (basically baked beans with peanuts instead of beans)
                    pickles (sweet, delicious)
                    hush puppies
                    maybe a couple others

                    there's also another menu with a pigs ear salad, fried chicken, shrimp and grits, buffalo pigs tails (only thing we had off this menu, these were absolutely great, meaty and fatty and melty and buffalo-y, served with a blue cheese dip that was also real tasty) and probably a couple others that are escaping me right now. all in the range of 8-15 dollars i think, everything i saw coming out looked real tasty and it was definitely bumping for a first night. beer and cocktail selection is on point much like ge

                    i had almost no expectations going in there so i was happy with it. i didn't really think that these dudes were gonna do a traditional bbq joint, and they definitely didn't, but i hope that moving forward they do put some more emphasis on the bbq itself because i have no doubt in my mind that if they want to they could put out great product. that being said, what they have now is all good to great and i will definitely be back to try the rest of the food.

                    it's gonna be a real great patio come summertime too. i can't believe (and am very pleased) that they got around the parkdale ban and it might well cause consternation in the neighbourhood. good for them.

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                      Interesting! The duck ham sounds awesome! Thanks disgusti!

                    2. re: num nums

                      He didn't post any pictures of the food :(

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                        I just read it. Great review. They don't mention the hours though. Does anyone have any ideas what they are?

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                          Wednesdays to Sundays, 5pm to late. No reservations.

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                            Thank you so much. I haven't been able to find their hours listed anywhere. I wonder if they do take out? Grand Electric doesn't, so I'm guessing they won't be doing it either.

                            1. re: kwass

                              i really sincerely doubt it. it's not the kind of food that seems particularly suited to takeout

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                                Stockyards does take out, it's the same kind of food, hopefully they do take out

                                1. re: Bobby Wham

                                  Stockyards food seems much "simpler". Like, no crazy extra sauces/topping on stuff. If you look at the BlogTO link I posted above you will see what I mean.

                                  I doubt people will pay those kinds of prices for "takeout" anyway. I would like to try it but hard for me to justify the prices... well, maybe I will go and try it and see if it justifies the price in retrospect.

                                  1. re: ylsf

                                    I would pay those prices for take-out fried chicken

                                  2. re: Bobby Wham

                                    nah man it's really not the same at all. stockyards is great but it's more "here's a plate (or basket or cast iron skillet) full of food". they can put it in a box and not lose anything. there's more of an element of presentation (that includes the "BBQ") at this place. it's casual but less casual than stockyards

                          1. I was there on saturday.

                            there was a line up at 5pm (when they open the doors).

                            the wait staff is great and answered MILLIONS of questions we had, they were attentive. a definite plus of the place

                            The food:
                            the server explained, things come out as they are ready and built for sharing
                            I had the duck ham, which was really good, the sauce made the dish for me. But the quick pickle cucumber were not right (I make homemade cucumber salad at home so it was just missing something for my liking) but was refreshing with the duck.
                            my bro had the ribs:was only 3 of them but my brother said it was really good.
                            my sister had the fried chicken: which I tried and have to say I was not that impressed with compared with the other dishes
                            we got the sides of hush puppies, slaw and pickles. I only had one of the pickles (which were to spicy for me but homemade)
                            for 3 bucks each you did not feel like you were skimped (the hush puppies I think were about five of them in the order)

                            for dessert both my siblings had the cream pie, which is deconstructed and came in a small mason jar. They both said was nice but a little pricey at $5.

                            from just opening at five pm, in under five mins the place was packed so it was impressive that the food came out so quickly they went from zero to slammed so was very quick. I wonder if they will be able to keep this pace up

                            My complaint:
                            it is VERY cramped in there, the table that suppose to sit four barely fit us and an unpadded bench seat. (maybe allows for quick turn around since not comfortable seating). We had to ask our server to turn down the music since we couldn't hear each other speak and it was still too loud for me (and I use to work in a club so I can handle loud)
                            maybe during the summer with the patio open it will allow it to be more spread out. But as it stands it is just to tight of a space for my comfort, I know I sound like an old fuddy duddy but for me I want to feel like I have a little elbow room therefore won't be making a regular thing. ( example of how tight things are the server taking the order at the next table hit me a few times just trying to take that tables order)

                            The food was great but if your claustrophobic it might not be the place for you.

                            here are some photo I took, they are not the best quality but they gives you an idea of what you get

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                            1. re: bsv

                              Thanks for the write up/pics. A saw a friend on twitter who tried to go on Saturday later in the evening and he was told 3 or 4 hour wait :) I guess I will be waiting a while to give it a try

                              1. re: ylsf

                                A 3 or 4 hour wait? That's totally insane!! I wonder if anyone actually puts their name down after being told that :)

                                1. re: kwass

                                  I think that is there was of saying "don't bother leaving your number"...

                                  I am curious how long the wait would have actually been...

                                  A place really need to stand out for me to enjoy it after having to go leave my name, go drink somewhere else to pass time, then go back.. I would rather just go somewhere else to start :)

                                  1. re: kwass

                                    It's a small room so it would only take 20 groups to check in to push their wait to 3 hrs.

                                  2. re: ylsf

                                    Ouch, nope. Wonder it they'll open for lunch...?

                                    1. re: jlunar

                                      Hope so! If they do, it probably won't be for a while though :(

                                  3. re: bsv

                                    We were there on friday night. We arrived literally as early as work-hours permitted (6:30 PM) to be estimated a 30-45 minute wait time. Not bad.
                                    A few issues I had:
                                    a) VERY loud- so much so I couldnt hear my server speak sometimes
                                    b) SO close and uncomfortable. To say there's not a lot of elbow room is a grave understatement as I recall a few occasions when the sleeves of my bulky jacket nearly made it into my neighbour's bowl of ribs. Sorry, man!
                                    c) Really cold in there so we were in our winter coats- with such a tiny space and the nearby door opening and closing literally every 2 minutes, the temperature inside was intermittently pretty cold. I personally despise eating in my coat, especially when space is already limited, so it wasn't a very comfortable experience.
                                    d) Service was VERY friendly and they seemed genuinely interested in what we thought and our experience.. but there with our server being super busy working the bar, at one point we had 3 main dishes squished between the two of us at the bar, a pile of about 4 other dirty dishes, an empty cocktail glass, and honey and BBQ sauce all over my cloth napkin because I had no where else to rest my cutlery. Try wiping your hands clean with a sticky towel. It's a recipe for sticky disaster. In an already squished place, in an already semi-uncomfortable state (jacket on, music blaring), I would have appreciated my piled up dishes to be promptly removed, as well as some small side plates for sharing.

                                    Cocktails were tasty (Clydedale and Porch Crawler).
                                    Food-wise we tried:

                                    Crack Rolls- the best dish of the night. The butter (aka. the "active ingredient" in this EMB drug) is made from the drippings in the smoker. I licked that butter ramekin clean.

                                    Hush Puppies- biting into one of these puppies yielded a booming crunch and a remarkably fluffy interior. I loved the mild sweetness and supple pop from the corn, and the tangy scallion mayo dressing below.

                                    Coleslaw- With a perfect combination of mayonnaise and additional acid, this slaw had big flavours to cut the fat of all the rich meat. I also loved the sprinkling of sesame on top, which brought a delicate crunch and touch of aromatic sophistication to an otherwise simple dish.

                                    Ribs- Pretty good meaty ribs, they were dressed in a hoisin-based sauce and sprinkled with deliciously crunchy peanuts. These ribs are not your typical fat + sugar + salt concoction, but rather contain enough acid, and umami-flavour to deliver an overall well-rounded bite.

                                    Fried Chicken- Very tasty. The chicken was seasoned beautifully and very juicy, and the batter wasn't too heavy, so it clung well to the chicken.

                                    Pork Belly- A massive portion of pork crusted heavily with a szechuan peppercorn based rub, and seared until wickedly crispy. I appreciated the heat of the crust, the toasted bread, the grainy mustard and the tangy pickle to help temper the fat, but I still found the pork portion a bit too much. Im not sure how anyone (or even any two people) could soldier through three of these massive pieces without a tummy ache.

                                    Banana Cream Pie- Unlike the pork portion mentioned earlier, the dessert was offered in a dainty little mason jar with two teeny tea spoons to share. Very simply composed, a single spoonful uncovered a graham cracker crust, caramelized bananas, and lots of fresh whipped cream. In theme with the meal, the dessert wasn't overly sweet, but comprised of at least 50% cream, it was still very rich. Simple and good, but in hindsight, any belly room should have been devoted to another round of crack rolls. Or just the butter. Yep, I'm at the shameless point of just eating plain butter. So wrong, but so right.

                                    So for 4 sides, 4 mains, 3 cocktails and 1 dessert, the bill came to just under $90 including tax and tip. It wasn't the most comfortable experience.. and I cant say I will do it again for a while especially in light of the wait (when we arrived after being called back at about 7 PM, we overheard the hostess tell a party of 3 that it was up to a 2 1/2 hour wait. Yikes. ) Having said that, it was a good one time experience.

                                    You can find pictures on the blog http://abbeyskitchenblog.blogspot.ca/...

                                      1. re: hungryabbey

                                        This might be a weird question Abbey, but I was just on the Toronto Life site, and they showed a bunch of pictures as well, with a description of each pic, and they showed the fried chicken, which was 2 drums and 2 thighs. Is that the typical order, or can you get wings and a breast instead?

                                        1. re: kwass

                                          I also got 2 thighs and 2 drums and never requested otherwise but you could try if u went. I would think though that they're already prepped ( super fast service, in and out under an hour).

                                          1. re: hungryabbey

                                            Thanks Abbey. I think you're right about it being pre-prepped. Given your experience and the pics on TO Life, I think they only serve drums and thighs.

                                    1. Guess what? Electric Mud bbq is now doing take-out...yay!!


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                                      1. re: kwass

                                        Thanks for the heads up, anyone gotten take out yet? How is the wait :)

                                        Clearing out some book marks and I came across a blog that I had bookmarked. A recent post there has some pics/review of Electric Mud BBQ:


                                        1. re: ylsf

                                          No posts in this thread for a while. Curious if anyone has done take out and how the wait is. Actually passed by on Tuesday but forgot they were closed that day

                                          1. re: ylsf

                                            I've had takeout from them, fried chicken, ribs, rolls, some other stuff that I forget, it was great. I still think Popeyes has better fried chicken than anywhere else but the food all held up on the 3 minute walk back to my friends house and was as delicious as when I ate in. Wait was about 10 mins, little awkward bc it was still cold and the place was super packed because no one wanted to go outside but I highly recommend takeout, I would feel ridiculous waiting hours for anythig

                                            1. re: disgusti

                                              Good to know that the take-out holds up. Thanks disgusti. But you really think Popeye's is the best fried chicken in the city? I'm not going to lie. I like Popeye's too, but how can you say it's the best fried chicken in the city?

                                              1. re: disgusti

                                                Last time I went to Popeyes at college and spadina, I found 3 chicken backs in an 8 piece box. WTF?

                                                1. re: ThoughtForFood

                                                  the only popeyes location i ever go to is the bloor and dufferin one and i've never once had anything less than stellar fried chicken. seriously, i've had fried chicken at most of the legit spots offering it, and none of them have topped pops. hell i had the electric mud chicken again tonight and man it's real good but... it's no popeyes

                                                  1. re: disgusti

                                                    Wow! That's nuts! I do have to say that I had Popeyes about 6 weeks ago, and got the white meat, and the breast was shockingly moist.

                                                  2. re: ThoughtForFood

                                                    College and Spadina really is a bad Popeyes. I gave up on them.

                                          2. i miss stampede's poutine :(

                                            1. It gets a good review in the Globe today.

                                              When I first saw this thread, I thought it was advice about a new sort of cooking device :)

                                              1. I finally tried this place and while I loved the food (if one wants a very rich and tasty treat and doesn't mind the lack of any purely health options), then this is a great place. Ribs, fried chicken (so juicy and crispy), corn on the cob (dripping with butter and some mayo-based sauce) and the beans (more fatty pork). No bad notes in any of it. And even the mud pie and sour cherry cream with oreo cookies on the bottom were each lovely and always enjoy the little mason far presentation. I was a bit surprised at the price of the ribs---3 for $15? Still, given the tasty, I'm not really complaining.

                                                I can't picture what this place does in the winter with that small indoor space and their huge popularity...

                                                1. Really liked the fish sandwich, but the fried chicken I ordered was raw inside. Really turned my stomach biting into that..

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                                                  1. After so many exchanges with my fellow chowhounder friend justxpete about Toronto's best fried chicken. I decided to head downtown tonight and give Electric Mud's version another try.

                                                    First off, FYI, they have revamped their menu! The Duck Prosciutto has been removed from the menu! Schucks :( !! The Pig's ears replaced by huge charred Pig's tail and the peanut covered pork ribs were also replaced.

                                                    Our party of five shared the following:
                                                    - Pork Rind
                                                    - Cat Fish Po-Boy
                                                    - Shrimp and Grits
                                                    - BBQ Rib-ends
                                                    - Southern Fried Chicken with gravy
                                                    - BBQ Pig's Tail
                                                    - BBQ Beef Rib
                                                    - BBQ Pork Ribs
                                                    - Coleslaw
                                                    - Baked Beans
                                                    - Cherry Pie
                                                    - Big Boi RootBeer

                                                    Overall, the meal was enjoyable. Somehow, we all found the non-BBQ dishes far out shined the BBQ meats! The latter, though smokey and tender ( except for the Pig's Tail which was tough and a challenge to eat! ) were partly spoiled by the use of too 'vinegary' BBQ sauces!
                                                    Stand outs were the Shrimp and Grits and the 'real' Baked Beans with chunks of fatty bacon!! As for the chicken. The batter was super crispy and the meat moist and juicy. However, I found the seasoning lacking in both the batter and the meat. Bar Isabel's version, IMO is slightly better.

                                                    The glass of Big Boi Rootbeer was a surprising delight!

                                                    1. This place is a joke, I'm sorry. Anyone who thinks that BBQ should be served tapas style, that $14 for 4 ribs is normal, that a sandwich at a BBQ joint should be for sharing, or that a BBQ place with 100 bourbons on their menu shouldn't be able to make you a bourbon sour, is so deep into some hipster trend hole that it's not even worth describing.
                                                      BBQ should be plentiful, mouth watering, and delicious. The individual food items aren't bad, but the price and the presentation/menu format is absurd. Give me a rack of those ribs with some sides, and pour me a drink. Don't give 4 ribs to 4 people and call it BBQ.

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                                                      1. re: neilg

                                                        So, if you order take-out from this place, you get 3 ribs for $14.00. Coleslaw is $4.00 a la carte as are the "Crack buns".

                                                        However, if you order the "Pulled pork plate", you get shredded pork, coleslaw, potato salad, 2 crack buns, all for $12.50 - which is amazing value.

                                                        In any case - the food here is pretty good, but for BBQ I'd suggest they need to cook their ribs for significantly longer, although their pulled pork is great. I order from here when I'm in a jam, using Hurrier (which is AWESOME).

                                                        1. re: justxpete

                                                          Stay away from the pigs tail!! So charred and tough!!!
                                                          Otherwise, irrespective of value and sizes, the flavours are good!
                                                          And dear friend! Don't forgot those 'fried chicken'!! Ha!!

                                                          1. re: Charles Yu

                                                            Every time I try to order it, they're sold out!!!

                                                            1. re: justxpete

                                                              They want you to waste your gas and go to Stockyard or Bar Isabel instead!!

                                                      2. Klafouti and I finally made it to this place (a year after something opens is pretty good for our usual pace). Despite it being 8:00 on a Friday night, we waited only about 15 minutes before getting seated. We were at the bar, with a great view of a lot of the food prep (and got thoroughly infused with the smoke).

                                                        We started with the Grand Fashioned - bourbon, black cherry, and bitters, with an orange peel. The bourbon was nicely balanced with the sweet and fruity flavours. We also had the watermelon lemonade, which was not too sweet and had lots of watermelon flavour.

                                                        Wanting to hit high yield dishes, we skipped the starters and the sides. The best dish was the Buffalo cauliflower - tangy, crunchy, deep fried cauliflower with Frank's RedHot and blue cheese salad. It reminded us that we had to get back to Grand Electric to have the cauliflower tacos. These people know how to deep fry cauliflower. Next best was the shrimp and grits, with cheesy smoky grits, salty ham hocks, and just-done shrimp. The huitlacoche BBQ sauce seemed unnecessary, though it had a nice earthy flavour.

                                                        The fried chicken had good crunch on the outside and the meat inside was very juicy, but almost underdone. As a result, the fat was very much still fat and not reduced or crisped by the cooking. This was not particularly to our taste but some may like it this way. The pork side ribs were nice and smoky, but despite being called Carolina style, did not seem to have the tender slow-cooked texture of the Carolina BBQ we had tried. They were good, but not superlative.

                                                        For dessert, we had the banana cream pie and the buttermilk pie. The former was deconstructed into a jam jar. The banana cream part used roasted bananas, which resulted in a mellow taste but lack some of the tang and aromatics of raw banana. It was also a bit sweet. The other dessert we had was the buttermilk pie. It didn't quite have the amazing lemony tang of the version we had at the Hominy Grill in Charleston, but it was still yummy and had a tasty crust.

                                                        Overall, not sure we would drive across town for it (well, maybe for the cauliflower), but we were glad we finally got to try it.

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                                                        1. re: Dr. John

                                                          Just a quick update from a return visit we did last night. We arrived at about 8:30 and were told we had about a 20-30 minute wait. That stretched to about 40 minutes, so they apologized and offered us a round of free drinks, which was a nice gesture. I tried the Clydesdale, which included bourbon, grapefruit, lime, and agave - a nice balance of sours.

                                                          We again had the cauliflower and shrimp and grits mentioned above and they were just as enjoyable. We also tried the "crack rolls" (milk buns with smoked butter) which are as addictive as the name implies. The pickled green tomatoes were also very good, helping to cut some of the richness of the other dishes we ordered.

                                                          The cowboy beef rib included a good hunk of meat over two bones. The meat had been slowly cooked, melting down most of the fat and collagen. It was smoky, moist, and married well with the mustard BBQ sauce slathered over it and little bits of deep fried onion. We also tried a new house specialty - slices of smoked tongue with a broccoli salad. The tongue was thinly sliced, supple, and richly flavoured. The broccoli salad provided a nice contrast - fresh, crisp, and tangy.

                                                          The only new dessert we tried was the sweet potato pudding. It came in a jar, with chocolate cookie crumbs on the bottom, then a layer of sweet potato pudding, capped off with torched marshmallow whip. It was light and not cloyingly sweet.

                                                          Looks like we'll go back for more.

                                                        2. 2 pieces of boneless fried chicken for $9.50+tax. But good. Just okay collards.