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Mar 1, 2013 09:36 AM

where did my pickled sausage go?

i havent seen any of the big jars around calgary for a long time.any sightings out there?ive got a hankering

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  1. When they (Big Brother!) got rid of "Men's Draft Rooms" and "Ladies and Escorts", I knew the pickled sausage was doomed. (or was this just a medieval Ontario thing?)

    Antway, I did see some a few weeks ago, BUT sorry, can't remember. You might try a place like Wholesale Club on 58 Ave SE.

    1. Cowley butcher shop has pickled pepperoni and it's awesome. So is their jerky etc. It is a couple of hours drive south but Yummo!

      1. Crossroads farmers market. There is stall there by Simple Simon Soups selling pickled sausage.